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  1. Now a poster here is comparing a performance where Chester (and Brad), LInkin Park band members who performed, to a performance by NON-LINKIN PARK members at Chester's funeral. The logic here is so dodgy. I don't assume to reason with you guys. Do as you may. It's your site.
  2. This is terrible logic. No band members actually performed. It's a bad touch. I would remove it. It's borderline offensive to have it as a "gig"
  3. This isn't a Linkin Park performance. Whose the moron who made that page?
  4. There's only 2 options: 1) Find a new lead singer 2) Form a new band
  5. I think they can care less about anything right now. Send your condolences on social media and MORE importantly don't be an insensitive dick about it on social media. I'm seeing way too many posts on YouTube along the lines of "Their last record sucked that's why he killed himself' i mean WTF is wrong with people.
  6. Today was Chris Cornell's birthday. The album backlash at around the same time Chris passed obviously had a big effect on Chester, but you had such a beautiful family.....I'm so fucking speechless right now. I'm actually fucking ANGRY right now. How could you do this Chester? If ANYONE in the LP community, maybe younger and is overly sensitive is even thinking about suicide as this seems to happen in circles like a disease, PLEASE get help.
  7. Mike needs to STFU. Translation of that rant is buy the album, don't download it.
  8. I think the album title is going to be called Living Things, and I think it's in reference to the cutting edge art of this album. A long time ago Joe Hahn said the way we're going to receive this album is going to be different, there's going to be an interactive component to it. I bet it has something to do with each song coming alive through artwork and whatnot. I'm really not impressed with the fact that we haven't heard anything yet. I'm guessing we get another puzzle next week for the album cover and unlocking that gets you the release date. Then we get a tracklist something
  9. Ditto. I think this whole record is going to be like that to be honest. The creative side is going to come from elements they throw into each song, but mike calling it a "firecracker" record and Chester saying that playing these songs live are a big influence to create uptempo songs, just sounds like at the end of the day they want to add more energy to their live shows. more what i've done's, new divides, etc and less burning in the skies, iridescents, etc. I think this album is going to be a lot like Hybrid Theory/Meteora in the sense that the energy never dies in the album. You
  10. Pretty generic song title BUT I love it when LP is in attack mode in their songs ha. i.e. bleed it out, wretches and kings, etc. Expecting a sing along stadium song with a big chorus, but nothing too heavy.
  11. If they're touring in late May/Early June then it's obvious LP is planning on wrapping up the album before then. They've obviously decided on what the first single is, so they've made definite progress on the album and what they expect it to sound like. I think the album is finished and all that's left is mixing. The Europe tour is a warm up. I'm going with single/video out in May before the tour. April's going to be virals and whatnot. News should start flowing in early April. A couple new songs played on the euro tour with a mid-late June album release. Summer US tour to support it ki
  12. I still listen to this album all the time. It took time to appreciate this album, but i love it.
  13. Interesting. And even more interesting, I totally didn't realize the song is called Wisdom, Justice, and LOVE. The entire time i thought it was wisdom, justice, and WAR lol.
  14. Burning in the Skies and When They Come for Me I hope. Most likely BITS and Waiting For the End though