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  1. Meet and Greets are always close to the live-show i think. When I go to a meet and greet (for example rock am ring with 80.000 people) and the meet and greet is over, how can I return in the crowd? The best places (in front of the stage) beeing used or taken. Need i stay at the end of the crowd now? Thanks for your help
  2. FROM Linkin Park Association Linkin Park have been confirmed to return as special guests on the Tuesday April 17th edition of KROQ Radio's late night adult topic talkshow, Loveline. Although it is unclear thus far which of the band members will be joining Dr. Drew and co, it's safe to speculate that with the release of the forthcoming single "Burn It Down" coming the day before that the as yet untitled fifth studio album will be at the height of discussion. The talkshow takes place betwen 10pm-12am PST and can be found on KROQ 106.7FM. Listeners are encouraged to call in and ask the b
  3. Year, my inbox wait for that.....In the End it doesn't even matter :-D
  4. Mike said at the end of the buzzine-interview: "And after that, there will be a new Linkin Park album out mid-year, this year. We'll be touring in support of that also." This means a fall/winter release is unlikely. Here is the source: (The last few lines) lptimes [The Raid interview with Mike from Buzzine]
  5. I think someone at Warner just lost their job for leaking false information to a reliable source^^ Or someone at Warner just lost their job for leaking TRUE information to a reliable source. xD .. < It also makes sense....dammmn :-D
  6. According to All Access, Linkin Park's new single is set it be released April 16th, and will be titled "Burn It Down". This is not officially announced by the band!!!! Here is the link: allaccess Second source: http://www.fmqb.com/Article.asp?id=16774 Official confirmation: "Burn It Down" Coming April 16. Viddy What do you guys think? Is it legit? How do you expect the song will sound like judging by its name? EDIT 4/4/12: Song has leaked in bad quality. Do not ask for links.
  7. Yes.....From the Inside :-D. I likeeeeee :-D
  8. Are there any new updates about the shirts? Because a lot of people haven't got any shirt yet
  9. comon Linkin Park play on southise festival from 17th to 19th of June in Germany
  10. I think this will be badass on a LP concert. LPLIVE members with these hot shirts....dammmit :-D best wishes from Germany.......
  11. I ordered the grey one. Badass shirts :-D Nothing more to say.....
  12. Yes i hope so too. I like a classic video like "Numb" "OSC" "Faint" "In the End" etc. Sure i know it doesnt fit with BITS at all. The last videos from LP are "WFTE" "The Catalyst" "New Divide". These videos has a lot of effekts (sometimes to much) and i hope so they do for BITS a classic one :-D Sry for my bad English but I think you unterstand it :-D
  13. dammm he broke his wrist and sing the full papercut with this broken wrist :-D dammm nice :-D
  14. Maybe Linkin Park will headline the Hurricane Festival and the Southside Festival. At this time Blink 182 and Foo Fighters are the other headliners. This Festivals are from 17.June till 19. June in Germany. At these Festivals one headliner is missing. Comon Linin Park, this will be epic :-D Headliner: Foo Fighters, Linkin park, Blink 182 that will be badass...:-D but it's only a dream :-(