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  1. As someone who loves electronic music and Linkin Park, I can't stand this song. It's big room and made just for the radio and for people to go nuts at shows. It'll probably do that but I just wish it wasn't so cookie cutter. It is way too generic. They should stick to their own stuff.
  2. 235 guests are reading this topic. Who wants to guess when it will leak? I say June 10th.
  3. WHALE WHALE WHALE I guess now would be a good time to get LPU to prepare for the best coast to get spoiled . #lasummitplz EDIT: I hope this "brings me back" to LP. I am not yet as excited as I was years ago for a show compared to today....
  4. I have an iPhone 5 and it lagged my phone to shit when the video was playing. It may not even work on oldish devices.
  5. LPU members check your inboxes, apparently its there.
  6. Trying to find a way to download the song but I have no idea. The song is so god damn good though.
  7. IMGUR link of the leaked tour dates : http://imgur.com/a/apRe4#0
  8. Yeah if I could just hear all of these live I could die happy.
  10. On Monday, June 25th for only one night, Fathom Events brings Linkin Park to movie theaters for a special showing of their concert at Admiralspalast in Berlin, Germany. We'd like to invite a few LPU members to attend for free. Take a look at the link, choose the theater you would like to go to, then send an email to [redacted] with the subject: [redacted]. You'll find the theater number on the left side of the list of theaters. In the body of the email, you MUST include the following information: [Redacted] IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ BELOW: Please note, this is only for LPU members in the United States. You MUST be able to attend the movie showing on Monday, June 25 at 7:30pm (local time) and provide your own transportation. If selected you will receive TWO tickets and they will be mailed to you. You must RSVP by 3pm PST on June 20 to be considered. http://lpunderground.com/news/84513
  11. Listened and instantly loved it. Every song. This is fucking amazing.
  12. Must use all willpower to not listen until Monday night....
  13. Going to the Monday one! SO EXCITED NOW!!!
  14. HERE is the link. Go to the bottom, click the arrows, go to the last page! Is anyone else going? What songs do you think they'll play? 'LIES, GREED MISERY'? Could they do what they did in 2007 and bus everyone to a secret venue for a full length show? LP has played Jimmy Kimmel twice before - 2003 and 2007. If you plan on going, reserve your tickets fast because they will be gone VERY soon! Thanks to Brandon288 on Twitter for the tip.
  15. Last night was fucking insane. During In The End, Mike grabbed my hand and jumped on the wall and just screamed the song in my face. Basically the highlight of every show I have ever been to.
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