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  1. very nice list! I don't know a few of those, giving them a try now all those are (almost)finished songs with lyrics? excluding instrumental demos featured on the LPU sets??
  2. Hello there Isn't anybody going to do an amazing reinvention of this song using this acapella?? It feels like Chester's last song (even more after he sang it to Cornell). Cya
  3. What notes are they using on this version?
  4. Can anyone rip Final Masquerade and convert it to mp3 please?
  5. I'm confused... There are those 4 listed tracks... And also those already ripped ones? Why are they on different categories?
  6. So the only songs with vocals are Primo and the Until it Breaks demos (except the LPU sessions)?
  7. Did anyone unlock the song yet?? lyrics or YT link or something?
  8. I'm sorry if this was already talked through but I didn't read the entire thread... My question is: how come And One was not the most voted of all times?? Its one of the most amazing LP songs (IMO), has a killer live version and was never released as SBD!!! It's a must if old songs would make a return, that's for sure!
  9. So, I still couldn't listen to the cd... Can anyone make a list of informations on the songs? Like which ones have vocal takes and what are the lyrics, is any an album demo and what are the PoA/Forgotten differences from the versions we got already? Thank you
  10. Anyone disagrees on this being a sick performance? Chester sounds amazing! Much better than on the DSPs...
  11. Someone ask them what the... happened to the Brandon collab we were eagerly waiting for...
  12. What I can objectively see is:- The guy brings in a photo for each of the post-apocalyptic people of someone they miss, which makes the person materialize and they look sad about remembering them - The photos vanish and out of the blue the post-apoc people desintegrate and fill in the blank photos, while the materialized ones stay alive Does this make any sense? My interpretation was: the post-apoc guys traded their lives to bring back their loved ones
  13. Killer video picture-wise IMO... Yet I don't really get it's meaning... Anyone? Nanananananananananananananana
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