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  1. Guys , they toured China in 2008. This is second tour of China.
  2. @Soul you can now safely remove India from tour rumours . it's not happening. Negotiations broke down.
  3. The band has just released a new, acoustic version of their single from The Hunting Party, 'Final Masquerade'! While the band has performed it acoustically at various LPU Summits (Darien Center and Woodlands), this is a brand new version featuring a duet between Mike and Chester and a new guitar line than previous performances. Download the new version of 'Final Masquerade' here! Mike on his blog stated, "Hey everyone, We made something cool the other day, and we wanted you to have it. Here’s a special unreleased acoustic version of Final Masquerade. Stripping it down to bare bones brought the sentiment of the song right to the surface. Thanks for all your support over the past couple months – we hope you enjoy the song." Brad added on linkinpark.com, "In this stripped-down intimate version, the words and storytelling lead the way. I loved working on this special recording of "Final Masquerade", and we're excited to share it with our fans." What do you think of this new take on the song? It adds a new story-telling vibe to the already beautiful song, in my opinion. It's also a treat to hear Mike singing the song!
  4. Did anyone record LPU chat video?
  5. Sorry for nor being able to maintain this site as much as i would have liked. Soul i haven't heard further about India tour after i last updated here. There was a bottleneck in the process where they asked for full payment so as to just give a guarentee of announcement of 2 shows. And when that was worked out , the only thing they said was when they'll start booking for Asia Tour they'll drop us an email. After that NOTHING . So much uncertainity sadly if it will happen or not . And looking at Phoenix's comments at Amsterdam summit , well , i can see why the booking agents are very much adamant in their dealings.
  6. Guys any mirrors for all the above links here. Mega doesn't work for me unfortunately
  7. Can someone upload a mirror for it ? Having difficulties with mega
  8. For a minute , i thought what was i reading , there is a metro station by the name of Green Park in New Delhi and thought how could you be there.
  9. Wasn't Download festival a UK show before this ? And thanks for the recording of the show .
  10. Yeah July-August was expected time-frame given to us and that was many months back , as they come closer definitely things will be put into place.
  11. It is still being negotiated upon. Just a little informal chat with contact in organisers. translation of the part in hindi ( 3rd blue bubble) : And the part where they asked for 100 % fee in advance , is that settled ? Show in India is not yet dead. It's a waiting game for now.
  12. Haven't heard from the contact in organisers in a long time regarding this. Last I heard was that when all was set and decided, LP booking agent (or whatever) asked for whole amount to be paid in advance just to announce the shows. No booking fee or even 50 % of the amount . 100%. Negotiations got stuck there i guess. Anybody has knowledge of the usual process regarding this ? Guys from Brazil ? By the way proposed time-frame was July-August 2015 for 2 shows in India.
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