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  1. I kinda disagree here. In my opinion, MTM is the only Linkin Park record THP shares similarities with. Yeah, MTM is definitely a lot softer, but it's the only truly guitar-based record they had released before THP.
  2. Are there any other songs where he uses autotune? And, by the way, I'm still confused about the GATS autotune. Why do they use it there, the verses are extremely simple, it's not like they're very demanding and impossible to hit.
  3. Both With You and Runaway use the 7th string. Check Astat's tabs - they are the most accurate out there. http://lplive.net/astat/Guitar_tabs/Hybrid_Theory/
  4. This is an answerable one - he went on to manage a band called Taproot. He also did a song called 'Barack Your World' with Mike Shinoda under the name 'White Pegacorn' in 2008.
  5. What, you believe GATS is mixed the way it is because they didn't have enough time and just gave us an early unmixed version? I hope the album's mix is raw as fuck.
  6. Pretend to Be was written after MTM, as far as I know. Mike was writing some stuff for Linkin Park's fourth album, which he later abandoned as he felt it was too similar to Minutes to Midnight. Not Alone - I believe it was started during the MTM sessions. Whether it was a finished song and they just changed the lyrics or it was a rough demo, we could only guess.
  7. Yes. They are not the band I listen to most at a lot of occasions. Hell, there are sometimes weeks or even months when I listen to LP like 10 times at all. Most of the time, there are at least 2 or 3 different bands I listen to more than Linkin Park. But Linkin Park is the only band that excites me so much, the only band I follow like crazy when a new album is being recorded, the only band I know every song of, and, of course, the first band I became a fan of when I was still a kid. I've heard tons of awesome music since then, found a lot of other favorites, but LP is the band I'll probably c
  8. Change them to normal spelling. I don't mind the #ALLCAPSEVERYTHING, but LT song titles look bad when mixed with other tracks.
  9. Okay, a lot of huge names in that list. For starters - you haven't heard of Nirvana?
  10. There's no link, he just says there are audible gang vocals on GATS and we don't know what that photo is - for all we know, GATS might be the only song with gang vocals on the record.
  11. Of course Rakim wrote his verse. He's not some lame-ass rapper that lets other people write his verses.
  12. Why the fuck are 30STM put in front of LP on that poster? Don't tell me they are gonna rotate the headline spot like GNR and Metallica did back in 1992...
  13. I don't think it's LP's logo. There's a second line close to the first line - it doesn't look like the logo.
  14. OH MY GOD, IT'S GETTING HUGE AGAIN! /fanmodeon
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