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  1. I guess it's a german thing, Telekom Street Gigs is quite "famous" for bringing more or less famous acts into small locations.
  2. can't wait. thank god no university on tuesday, lets hope my internet will run fast enough to get a ticket.
  3. Teagan

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Yay for Early Entry, although I feel kind of bad for Non LPU people. I love that they put Esaul onto the CD. I adore the In the end demo, although I'm sure I heard it somewhere before, jsut can't remember where. Program is pretty awesome. The Instrumentals are way better than the last years, but the Unreleased Demos with Vocals aren't as awesome as for example Pretend to be or above all Across the line.
  4. eh, then complain in a thread that's not about helping people. geesh.
  5. people should stop complaining about where LP didn't do a summit and just help the people who are actively trying to bring LP to their city. Of course everyone wants LP in their city, but it's annoying to read 1000 times now "why not come to xyz instead?".
  6. he's not bitching. he just said he liked the requiem better. nothing wrong with that.
  7. according to LPA they started with Cure for the itch, followed by Faint and LFY.
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