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  1. I'm going to the first date, where do we meet? Would be cool to meet you guys and wait in the queue, cause I'm going on my own :/
  2. There's a special issue also, featuring Linkin Park on the cover and so on. Mainly about LP and numetal in general.
  3. 1st date of London, will be there. Real name: Mantas
  4. Sorry, but I'm glad that you're not directing it.
  5. Need a physical copy of this and The Catalyst... How do I get one in UK?
  6. They also have a perfect gap to be Uk supports. FIngers crossed
  7. Your username:Collision Username of your nominee: Legend Which prize they would receive: LPU CDS Reason for nomination: For asking me and my mate to do the LPL FOUR Design ,and after drawing it and coding just the way he wanted, going offline and ignoring us. That's one of the reason why LPL FOUR took that long. He basically stole the design after it was finished (who would've thought that LPL staff would do this kind of things), and we had some arguements about it. He promised me an LPU CD for work, I did work on that design quite hard, and I hope that he gets those LPU CDS now and chokes with them. Great staff member, "scamming" other members of this website. Nobody cares, that he actually stole something, and they're still voting for him for being an amazing person and so on. Hope you read this. I already got over it, just want you to have some fun with CDS. Hopefully, they'll remind you something. If this posts gets deleted or I get banned - wow, keep it up, but justice will be done in one way or another, hopefully soon enough for you to feel it.
  8. The Catalyst is my favourite video made by Linkin Park. It's everything I wanted it to be.
  9. BNands easily pull 2 hours setlist and LP do 1:45.. SHorten setlist would be a disaster. i was hoping for a longer setlist, like mentioned in the last news.
  10. Remember when they used the rope things in New Divide and never showed them to us? It wasn't in the video, but it was in the "making of". Hopefully we get to see the paint fight this time.
  11. Doubt it Probably a song about fighting for yourself, rising inside or so.
  12. THIS Worst song? Far far from that.
  13. The new LPTV changed my mind.
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