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  1. Learned something, and I might try some of that myself.
  2. Newbie question here, but what is it that Brad has been wearing on his wrist lately? Is it like a support or a heating pad thing?
  3. I noticed that too. 5 guys in the band and occasionally some other dude briefly.
  4. They are doing a fly-away contest. Listen for a chance to win the grand prize for 2 people to fly to russia, stay in a hotel, see LP, see the premiere of TF3, and fly home. If I win I'll let you know how it goes
  5. I'll say Happy Birthday, and ask why we couldn't post a better picture of him in the surely-umpteen-thousand the fan community has. The lazy-eye look isn't very flattering..
  6. Fail on my part. How much is it, when/where/how do we get LPUX Demos CD - besides paying the $65 to have it shipped? My main problem is that lpu.linkinpark.com is VERY different from whats on www.linkinpark.com Going out on a limb here, maybe Adam can clarify?
  7. Hmm. Just renewed (skipped 9) for X, and the download available said "A Decade Underground", and not the LPUX songs. I'm probably missing something in 33 pages.
  8. This. Song. Is. Epic. I can't turn my speakers up any louder.
  9. about 3:40 into it, any cameo appearances during the powder fight?
  10. The screen itself was never hit by punts, only the Mitsubishi sign that hung below it. Since U2's concert, the screen is now on an adjustable lift that can be lowered all the way down to the field in addition to being raised about 25 extra feet.
  11. http://hometheaterreview.com/will-blu-ray-...phile-hd-music/ Discussion about Blu-ray profile 3.0 for high quality music. I know LP reads the forums, and if HD media was available in either the albums or videos, I would prefer it over standard CD or DVD.
  12. What's the name for the one step closer live intros with the epic gunshot samples, ie Dallas 2008 projekt rev and others?
  13. I'm totally going to the GP show, have to rep my city
  14. You guys are relentless. You wouldn't have seen it for another 5 days had the video not been leaked anyway, have some respect. We'll be going through the same thing before the new LP album comes out
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