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  1. LP is the 15th most liked page on all of Facebook and way ahead of any other rock band.
  2. It'll probably end up sounding closer to MTM than ATS I think. I'm guessing it'll be more alternative and they thinking about doing orchestrations. It probably just won't have MTM's traditional radio song structures or distorted guitars.
  3. Has there ever been an interview with Don Gilmore in which he talks about what he thinks of LP's music since the replaced him with Rick Rubin? I really haven't heard anything about Don post LP besides him producing some music for Hollywood Undead.
  4. I don't think it will be another electronic album because that's what everyone expects them to do and LP doesn't want to be predictable. I think that it will be a rap album since all the studio footage we've gotten involves rap beats, there were also some tweets from Phoenix and Joe a while back about Joe making beats. This album process also seems to be going a lot faster than usual and we all know Mike can make a great rap record in just a year.
  5. Why does everyone keep thinking it won't be out till 2013, if you really look at it the band always gets an album out after two years of actual studio work HT 99-00, Meteora 02-03, MTM 06-07, ATS 09-10. They always went on year long tours (01 and 04) or someone was working on a big side project (05 and 09). I honestly think that they will have the new album out in time for the summer festivals.
  6. I wouldn't say that a lot of LP fans like LB, just the whiny nu-metal babies.
  7. It doesn't seem like that they influenced many bands because no one else really sounds much like old LP or does covers of their songs but i think that it is because it would be hard to copy or cover their songs because of all the sampling and dual vocals.
  8. What I want from DBS is an album that's more electronic instrumental like JK and with Chester and Ryan doing dual vocals. Something that's more like a JK ft Chester album than a Chester ft. JK album.
  9. Jgrosk

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Remember from making of meteora that Chester was really sick when they were almost finished recording the album and they actually mixed all the songs before finishing the vocal so I don't expect alot of finished songs from that album.
  10. All these teases are killing me, they need to just release this thing already.
  11. This was pretty awsome, it reminds me of XP8's remix of In the End.
  12. Alright thanks, that kind of sucks because I really love the piano in that song and was hoping it was from Mike.
  13. Was the piano in We Made It written by Mike or Busta Rhymes?
  14. You guys are to harsh on him, maybe he just leaves for a potty brake.
  15. That seems likely since it was shown in a LPUTV episode, it could have been a preview of what's to come like how they released Pretend To Be last year.
  16. You just described a perfect album right there. I also really want a track were Mike sings and raps in the same song like the LOATR demo.
  17. Oh I get it now, music that YOU don't like is bad music. This is a discussion, not a "See how big of an asshole can I make of myself contest" like you've been doing since this thread was posted.
  18. They did better than I thought they would from this being a poll for metalheads, I bet they would have won if they posted a link to the poll on their facebook page and got some of their 35 million fans to vote for them.
  19. And if LP releases a pop album with all the lyrics being oh baby over and over again it would sell alot more than a new nu-metal album. Seriously, who gives a shit about sales.
  20. ATS because it is my favorite album and since it's the most modern era I can still listen to music from any era I want.
  21. Well at least this means a little more studio time.
  22. Hopefully the whole score gets released on iTunes or something. Also can anyone make an mp3 track from the trailer?
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