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  1. The instrumental sounds a lot better than I thought it would but I really didn't like those effects on Chester's vocals.
  2. STP is the nameless band? Scott may as well tour under the name Scott Weiland and The Who The Fuck Cares About Those Other Guys.
  3. Seeing as how he brought up working with LP while talking about his new album I think it's safe to assume that at least one of the songs will be on it. Personally I wish that they would just do a full EP together. I can't imagine how big of an outcry they'd get for releasing a dance EP but after dealing with all the hate over everything the band does anymore I want LP to just deliberately do things that they know will piss off all the nu-metal babies.
  4. No it wasn't, Mike has said several times that they never finished the song.
  5. I hope this means that the game is coming out soon. I probably won't play the game but I want the music.
  6. So is it Steve Aoki ft. Linkin Park then or Linkin Park ft. Steve Aoki? Also it's starting to seem like its a LPRecharge/Power The World single rather that the lead single off the new album.
  7. Then why do you have Chester solo performances on the list.
  8. It says directly in the article that its from the new album.
  9. Brad did a Brittany Spears cover at the UCLA if you count that.
  10. Mike did say that they were actually writing with Rick Rubin so that might it. There are also rumors of it being Steve Aoki.
  11. 1. Iridescent 2. Powerless 3. Waiting For The End 4. Castle Of Glass 5. From The Inside 6. Shadow Of The Day 7. The Catalyst 8. Until It Beeaks 9. Breaking The Habit 10. In Pieces
  12. The Requiem has samples of every ATS song in it. Lyrics from The Catalyst, keys from WFTE, etc...
  13. I think there was a different mix of Session in one of the Matrix movies.
  14. You guys should try to arrange the list in a chronological order; the list as it is now is kind of a big cluster fuck.
  15. If you willing to go into side project territory Give Me Your Name would work best, Chester actually wrote that song for is wedding with Talinda.
  16. I know right. No love for Minnesota.
  17. I hope this means that there is finally going to be artwork for the song now. Hopefully we get something for a b-side as well.
  18. So is Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington the official name now?
  19. Holy shit this takes me back. Anyways rhose RIAA numbers for albums are just shipped and not the number sold, for example Hybrid Theory went diamond in 2005 but didn't actually sell 10 million copies until recently.
  20. I wish there were full videos of the STP songs too, Chester sounded great in those clips.
  21. I wonder if Mike was just offering to be the producer for STP or if he actually wanted to be a member of the band.
  22. The same thing happened with The Raid soundtrack and Living Things and they were really nothing alike.