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  1. Though I highly doubt it, an EP of ATS b-sides would be awsome.
  2. You do realize that HT was more popular that ATS right? I guess that was pop then too. And have you even listened to modern pop music, it's just annoying bullshit not soft songs. Also Softer songs are alternative not pop.
  3. It doesn't bug me at all. I want more unique instrumentalization (strings, piano, synth, flute and so on).
  4. Didn't Mike produce a few more songs on Reseda Beach besides Second to None?
  5. I think Pheonix should play cello on more songs, I also want more acoustic stuff.
  6. I would love some piano songs, I really love the piano instrumentals that are in the making of meteora and MTM videos. I also want some epic piano riffs like in We Made It.
  7. You do realize that he meant adding them to the list right?
  8. They also covered Leave Out All The Rest, its only on the iTunes edition of one of their albums.
  9. If the do a cover album I really hope it has a studio version of Yesterday, Chester's voice is amazing on that song.
  10. I bet this means that if the Faint visuals are ever released it will include a studio version of the guitar solo.
  11. Well I don't think that the better picture of HD is worth the file size, censoring is fucking annoying, and the only place I can find that has this show has all the songs separated.
  12. Does anybody have a high quality but not HD rip of the uncensored version that is a single file of the whole show?
  13. As a reader of both LPL and LPA I love it when people post the exact same comment on both sites.
  14. I've got an Iridescent acapella for you RIGHT HERE...... (Points to his Junk)
  15. That is so confusing, I'll just trust what my calculator tells me.
  16. I hope the video gets released on the 3DS too.
  17. You did 31 thousand not 31 million, so there are about 9300 LPU members.
  18. I don't get what the thing with the names.
  19. I hope this means chester will do a cover of a Depeche Mode song.
  20. If he thinks Mike is a bad rapper then Fred Durst is the worst sounding thing ever.
  21. The Wretches and Kings (GBC Remix) needs to be added to the list.
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