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  1. my bank balance wont be ready after this lol
  2. we should all make a list of words, phrases and names starting from the Xero/HT era and once we have that list of all different words we should cross them out one by one till we get somewhere?
  3. just to be clear is it going to be an audio or video broadcast? lol
  4. not really HD but I guess Ill take it
  5. So it was actually going to get released? Damn that sucks..
  6. So I know they were 4 songs released as instrumentals but apparently there is a few people that have the full album but at a pretty penny.. Just asking around if anyone happens to have them or know what the update is if well ever get to hear them? Colin
  7. I want that Gracian (however you spell it) demo from the MTM era. That was dope
  8. Remember we have Wastelands too from Guitar Hero
  9. Damn! We still trying to find this show?..
  10. Does anyone know how many people get selected for FM M&Gs?!
  11. I think we can all agree that either RTN or a brand new song or both + interview will be happening
  12. I'd say this is my favourite album to date and the only song I skip is "Drawbar"
  13. Why did I not recognise this while watching the show?!
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