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  1. Totally agree with you. Now I look at this bundle and I think : What a waste of money. For me this site and forum was always better than LPU.
  2. I have question. Do I need LPU Digital Membership to buy from LPU store ? I need few missing LPU cd's to my collection
  3. So Wisdom, Justice, And Love (Instrumental) also leaked
  4. We have any proof that ATS instrumentals exist ?
  5. Hmm what's the point to be in LPU right now ?
  6. Proshot from phone I'm getting old
  7. Amazing show. My 4th LP show. And first time I heard APFMH I had good feeling when after Castle of Glass Mike rapped verse from ALTNC
  8. At last ! A place for my head only I hope that isn't joke
  9. I agree.My ears after listening are hurt. Don't get me wrong lyrics are good. But on the instrumental side it's horrible.
  10. Another song without guitars. Just great. This album will be with only with two members.
  11. That would be awesome if LP could do that. Every show could be unique
  12. The main reason that Guilty All The Same wont't be playing again is they just can't synchronize. They have problems playing with that song. Just watch Rock In Rio 2014 and Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ 2014.
  13. Omg. I hate this new song. I thought that Heavy is pop but this..... "I ran outside to see, it’s not 2003 Turned on the radio it’s so confusing Rappers were singing And Rockers DJ’ing There’s no guitars on the songs that they’re playing " Good Charloote - 40 oz.Dream
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