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  1. Here is my entry! https://www.beatstars.com/beat/mike-shinoda--open-door-auxiliary-phoenix-remix-5704924
  2. has the password stopped working now for everyone? no longer works for me. is there a new password now for something else?!
  3. Copped it from Amazon. Much cheaper for some reason. Really hope its the proper super deluxe box as the image suggests. It's much more expensive than the standard vinyl box anyway so should be... I feel like this was our chance to get the infamous Team Sleep remix of My December, so I wonder if we'll ever get that at this stage! Hyped af on this box set though. Makes me feel a bit old to see a commemorative reissue boxset for something that was released initially in my lifetime haha.
  4. dang guys well at least it's most likely still gonna be demos and not a whole live ep
  5. yeah i guess theres nothing to say really. always thought it was one of THOSE ones though, yaknow haha. was hoping to learn something about it haha. my LP holy grail
  6. this is great! good work everyone
  7. tbh i didnt agree to anything. i don't know any of the guys from sob, jay does. when i was posting content on the site i didn't ask...
  8. you know this has been up on sobcentral for about 2 years now
  9. djzap

    I Have LPU8

    you know, at first i was listening, thinking of all the hype it was given. i was a little pissed, i will admit. but now im listening again, with an open mind. and i actually think its a pretty fun cd. i'd take it over lpu 3, 5 or 7 any day.
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