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  1. This is about as authentic as Nicki Minaj's ass.
  2. Lefty guitars aren't always more expensive, but some people do charge extra for lefty guitars.
  3. Gotta agree with you about the LOATR M. Shinoda mix, I love it. And I'd listen to this remix right now, but I can't 'cause I'm in school.
  4. The chords for the verse are A minor and F major; listen to the song to hear how they're played.
  5. I believe I know how to play the verse, but I could be wrong. It sounds right to me though.
  6. I was laughing at the fact that DangerSilent told you to vote for him.

  7. You're my ally now. Comprende?

  8. Of course everyone's going to put Mike and Chester first, they're the singers. I personally think they're all equally important.
  9. Whats with the "ha"?

  10. I reccomend Mike Shinoda's remix of Death To Analog, as well as Whore, from the Casa Del Tigor Sessions.
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