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  1. Why people fuc*king care about the color of video. I feel its retarded to talk like this. (i am sorry but seriosly). The main aim of video is not just showing Rainbows.
  2. After one year. 75% people will know this version as the original version. I can bet for my balls.
  3. Everyone is a transformer Hell Yeah. And BTW this is not in Slow Motion and i think in a weird way this video connects with bout "Dark of the Moon" (not just because its black and white). and the Album artworks.
  4. I have almost completed the track, but there are only few things i need to confirm like : Last bar of Chorus. Outro Notes. Can anyone give me the exact tabs. Thank You.
  5. but there is no size for ice creams.
  6. No i mean "10 March 2009" lol, yeah we dont know when its gonna be out.
  7. Middle Class Rut's "No Name No Color" made me forget "Wasting Light"
  8. you can get the codes with any smartphone. i have nokia x6. i use beetagg, it can also read barcodes. and there are many free apps for different OS.
  9. it says L and R but they are always complete stereo. I dont understand whats the need. and if they are the same tracks we can use two mono file, one for left and one for right, why make 2 of them L and R. FAIL for me
  10. No its not the continuation. I have not seen the Coup D Etat yet. i dont know what is in there.
  11. Conspiracy Theory & Coup D Etat both DVDs are streaming on Youtube. Both DVDs contains Interviews of many friends of the members. Even Ryu and Tak. Hope you guys enjoy it. [sorry if old, feel free to delete]
  12. saw these pics in 2005 or 2006 so sorry , but nothing cool.
  13. D'oh only OSC and Given Up were without a story. lol and i like it. i think with all the postproduction that Joe is going to do will make it epic. but still there is a very thin line between epic and FAIL
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