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  1. this is kind of random, but "Crawling" came up on shuffle earlier, which of course, was followed by me listening to Hybrid Theory-Living Things back to back. When I first started listening to LP, I was 12 and MTM had just come out, and I really connected with the album and all the songs, and I did really like HT and Meteora too, but I felt like the topics were "childish" and "immature". I loved ATS and LT when they came out too, and really connected as well. However, now I'm 18 and I find myself REALLY REALLY REALLY connecting with HT and Meteora, and I almost find the other three a lot more impersonal, still great of course. How about you guys? How has LP changed for you as you have aged and as the band has aged?
  2. so now that's STP, Cage the Elephant, Mayday Parade and a Day to Remember all in one day
  3. I actually think BTH and Faint will be the only survivors from Meteora
  4. Best: Skin to Bone, Until it Breaks, Lost in the Echo, Lies Greed Misery, Castle of Glass Good: Burn it Down, In My Remains, Victimized Average: I'll Be Gone, Roads Untraveled, Powerless Worst: Tinfoil
  5. NEW ONE: 1. A Place for My Head 2. Given Up 3. Lost in the Echo 4. With You 5. Lying From You 6. New Divide 7. Papercut 8. Lies, Greed, Misery 9. Blackout 10. Numb 11. Waiting for the End 12. Castle of Glass 13. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent 14. Skin to Bone 15. The Little Things Give You Away 16. The Catalyst 17. What I've Done 18. Burn it Down 19. In the End 20. Bleed It Out ----------ENCORE #1---------------- 21. Until it Breaks 22. Breaking the Habit ----------ENCORE #2---------------- 23. Victimized 24. Faint 25. One Step Closer
  6. yeah but they really don't need three singers
  7. I think in COG instead of "novice glow" it's "nova's glow"
  8. I think in COG it's saying "warm me up in the NOVA'S glow"
  9. NEW ONE: 1. Tinfoil 2. Faint (ext outro) 3. Lost in the Echo 4. With You (ext. intro) 5. Given Up (ext outro) 6. Papercut (long intro) 7. Lies Greed Misery 8. From the Inside 9. When They Come for Me 10. Waiting for the End (Apaches intro; wall of noise outro) 11. Across the Line 12. Breaking the Habit 13. Castle of Glass 14. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent 15. In My Remains 16. The Little Things Give You Away 17. The Catalyst 18. What I've Done (AMBO intro) 19. Victimized 20. A Place for My Head (ext. intro) 21. One Step Closer (ext. outro) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22. New Divide (Moscow intro) 23. Burn it Down 24. In the End 25. Bleed it Out ('Sabotage' bridge) this would be bad ass to me
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