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  1. Yea. you're right. I corrected it, thank you.
  2. Lyrics: Daylight, knowing I'm all alone White lies, lining up on their own You said you would stand on my side Regret, it's too late to deny All the back and forth and yes and no All the right and wrong and high and low And you set me up to let me down But it all comes back around What are you worth now? What are you waiting for? When every battlefield you run from generates a war? What are you chasing? What do you think you deserve? Cuz you will never have a thing unless you've got your worth
  3. The leaked Sorry for Now multitrack was 33 tracks.
  4. How many layers did Mike say Robot Boy was? Isn't it like 100 tracks
  5. All these multitracks coming out are really making me want one for Robot Boy to pop up.
  6. Papercut was awesome. The vocoder bridge was GODLY.
  7. 100% sure these are fake. Same member posted these and fake UIG and new LP album covers on another forum. "Behind the clouds" etc
  8. Stupid shazam plays for 1 sec and cuts off.
  9. I only have 2GB of RAM and Stagelight won't open.
  10. Isn't Chicken Basket the song Mike talked about during the ATS sessions? Edit found his blog entree. http://mikeshinoda.com/2009/10/17/three-updates/ "It’s been a busy week. Studio every day, working on new stuff. This week, I did a song where the music sounds like Santogold (or Santigold, if you like) meets Postal Service meets At The Drive In or something. Very weird…but even weirder, the vocals are crazy–I asked our engineers what they thought it sounded like, and the responses I got were things like “Peter Gabriel” and “Huey Lewis, in a really good way.” Four-part harmonies that
  11. Removed the color code and corrected lyrics.
  12. Thank you, I've edited my post and I'm sure now that the lyrics are at least 99% accurate. Sorry for the double post but Update: Color coded the lyrics.
  13. It's quite good. What's really cool is the lyrics are dark and haunting yet his vocals are angelic and gospel-like. That's a really neat contrast.