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  1. I think this is probably the most “sameish” of the tracks closest to the original, I think people will aprecciate it more when Hole gets released etc. Anything Chester i love
  2. My friend just came out of this show. He said his guitar was messed up for a bit and he fucked up the start kf I.O.U. Good show though
  3. End of an era for me. I hope everyone sticks around guys, wont be the same without all the fan sites. I am well and truly crushed
  4. Off topic, but what happened to the shoutbox ?
  5. That means nothing. Perhaps the studio version is a little longer
  6. The live version is 3:45 ish, this could still be legit. We dont know the track length of the studio version. In regards to sharp edges, he doesnt describe OML either. I mean just because he left something out doesnt mean much. Again, it may very well be fake but theres no evidence to disprove it, yet.
  7. Unverified, but seems legit. The invisible track time matches the genuis entry ( out on the 12th ! ). Ive used google translate. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.co.uk&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://www.linkinpark.it/news/linkin-park/2108-nuove-info-sui-restanti-brani-di-one-more-light&usg=ALkJrhjoSE8aLC5GzHzmHyzuqzJwspOnaQ
  8. Just waiting for Invisible now on the 12th. I loved the chorus of this song on the acoustic version, and i like the dancy beat on this one, overall its nothing special mind. I cant wait for OML after reading the track by track review, hopefully it will leak soon.
  9. Stumbled upon this. http://teamrock.com/review/2017-04-26/linkin-park-one-more-light-album-review It doesnt sound like a full album review i think the giy is just reviewing it based off the songs release so far. The full article is hidden behind a subscription, I want to know if its a legit review of the full album or not.
  10. I totally agree on the standard generic stuff, absoloutley kills me they still make that sort of music after ats.
  11. I dont agree that the next two albums after ATS were weak. The Hunting party was not weak, it was fresh, one of their best offerings. MTM was weak in retrospect, LYGYA was the highlight, one of my fave songs of all LP.
  12. Its deffo not a Dead By Sunrise track. Its all Julien K. Hey confirmed it.
  13. Confirmed this is sorry for now and there are more collabs on the album.
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