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  1. Nothing will top Mikes remix of Foxing “ grand paradise “
  2. Where did they say about a different version on next album ? Have been looking through their instagram
  3. I dunno i feel like its filler, I dont really count it as a full song.
  4. Never understood the love for IOU, easily the worst ‘ track’ on the record by far Worlds on fire, lift off and what the words meant are my my fav
  5. I actually love the idea but theres this mental block in my head that says new members new band. I know it doesnt make sense, but the only way it will be LP to me is the other 5 only. We will have to see
  6. I believe people were also saying in 2020 for 2021. So basically everyone wanted an album no matter what asap. I get that, but the only way i could ever accept LP coming back is with MS as lead. I hate it when bands get new vocalist, to me it will be a completely different band. Tough times ahead
  7. Thats just the thing you have no idea if they “ are ready “ its just the fan in you talking. I dont blame you, but Im just saying. Remember when the fan base were saying 2020 should be the year they release a new album ? LOL. They have lost their lead singer, if they dont come back ever i dont blame them as it wont be the LP you remember.
  8. I hope we dont get LP news for years. If they announce a comeback, sad times for those like me that only see LP as including Chester, the end of the chester era etc If they dont then that allows more time to pass and keeps the door open.
  9. Enjoy these years while we can. We have new GD and an unreleased Chester song. I cant help but but be sad when i think of, say 2029 when there is no more material to release, etc ( despite the hundreds of demos/outtakes) I love OML album, and would love to hear Friendly Fire, but a part of me always wants to have something in the vault thats never been heard, forever 🤣
  10. I treat commit as a full on original GD song lol, I love it
  11. iconic logo, and i loved how it was altered each album. Love the ATS one, and love the stripped back OML one. In fact i think OML had some of the best font design in an LP album. Just gorgeous.
  12. Me too. I just remember WITE dropping in jan and the album was june wasnt it, but it did get delayed due too to covid
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