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  1. To be fair who wants another GD record with someone other than chesters vocals ? a new album with a new singer ? Missing the whole point of this project. People can call it a cash grab as much as they want the whole point is having Chester back. Hearing Chesters old vocals on new tracks has filled a bit of an itch for those of us that yearn for more Chester. I messaged Sean before, Saturation is on this record which im so hyped about ! I really enjoyed the production on Morei Sky and Shouting Out.
  2. I'm still trying to figure out where Jaime is in the song, I figure its in the backing harmonies in the chorus.
  3. Some awful pairings on the left, but I guess its the nature of the beast. I take Invisible over SOTD any day, I wish they were in different brackets though as I'm guessing people will favour SOTD.
  4. Honestly, I was there for HT live at download 2014 so its a non issue to me 😀 - Big one is not playing more of THP live, I would have lost my shit if I heard KTK live - Recharged album, honestly I barely count it as an official release what a load of junk - Having in between on MTM and not any of the other awesome b-sides - Not releasing many b-sides in general I'm just being picky now 😄
  5. What ? I'm literally saying that Mike is the frontman now, its going to sound like Mike. The genres may change but you arent adding any extra flavour into LP by having Chester for example. Pretty easy to understand I thought but clearly not
  6. We need to start accepting that if they continue that is what LP stuff is going to start sounding like lol, or close to. How different can it sound really without Chester ?
  7. The band can do what they like or think as can all us fans. When I say it isnt LP anymore, im only saying it because Chester was part of LP and he is gone so even they are LP in name its not the full band anymore.
  8. Yeah well everyone has a right to think what they want
  9. Its a crappy situation no doubt I dont blame them. I just cant see them as LP without Chester anymore. I just cant. I also love OML and given what happened with Chester it seems the perfect finale. Then again im still grieving over Chester, my emotions are all over the place with LP
  10. 1) I was just trying to clarify what i said 2) WTF you on about GD for ? whats that got to do with anything My feelings on LP has nothing to do with GD. More about OML being the fitting final album with chester and that there isnt an LP without chester
  11. Not trying to be a dick, Im just against LP returning and OML seems to be the fitting final album. Thats what i meant.
  12. Some top notch questions there yawn. Hes right about Halo though
  13. Kinda confirms to me that the Chester stuff is long gone with Mike. Dont get me wrong, he misses him and probably think of him all the time. Just seems like hes over it all now, good on him for sorting his mental health, it still feels really raw to me and its been almost 3 years.