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  1. Numb for me, that song really helped me through a dark place in my life.
  2. That really is all I have. Sorry bro. :/
  3. Lying from you(fanmade) http://soundcloud.com/dj-hybrid-mixes/lyin...-backing-vocals http://soundcloud.com/dj-hybrid-mixes/lyin...acapella-verses Across the line(fanmade) http://soundcloud.com/dj-hybrid-mixes/acro...e-line-acapella Breaking the habit(live) https://rs117tl3.rapidshare.com/#!downl...p3|5509|R~0|0|0 Mike earpiece rip from live concert with some of the songs listed there http://lp-inside.ru/load/linkin_park_toron...rip/24-1-0-1342 Shadow of the day(fanmade) http://www.mediafire.com/?utzxhjntzqm
  4. Hybrid Theory - A place for my head Reanimation - Pprkut Meteora - Breaking the habit Minutes To Midnight - Leave out all the rest A Thousand Suns - When they come for me.
  5. Never mind, It's called Sold my soul to yo mama. A friend just told me.
  6. I could be wrong, but I swear this sounds like a demo of Pprkut. The sound effect in the beginning are the same, and about 25 seconds in I'm pretty sure I hear some of the lyrics of pprkut too. I found this in some old lpu footage I had on my computer, although I only uploaded the sound. If I'm wrong then could someone please tell me what song this is? Link http://soundcloud.com/dj-hybrid-mixes/poss...kin-park-pprkut
  7. Just curious what other songs you guys would like to see Linkin Park include on a game like Guitar Hero? Personally I would have to say my top 5 is A Place For My Head, Papercut, Lying From You, Figure .09, and Forgotten.
  8. It lets you see what the site is really like and view all the LPU*TV episodes on the site without having to pay any money. So if you're a cheap scape, like me, then it's not a bad thing, so I wouldn't say "no point really", but if you already have a membership, then it is pretty useless.
  9. Hey guys, I just thought I'd let everyone know that the LPU website has a free membership going that gives you access to everything on the website from July 29 to 31. Just go to this link below and click redeem to have some fun on the LPU!!! http://lpu.linkinpark.com/lpuweekend/
  10. The song in the intro is It's Going Down, but I have no idea what that last song it. Maybe it's something from a demo or somthing...
  11. Points Of Authority doesn't have an official music video, unless you're talking about the Reanimation version, Pts.of.athrty, in which case, you should add Frgt 10, Enth E Nd, Wth>you and Krwlng to the list too(I don't think I missed anything, but I may have).
  12. In Between < Pushing Me Away From The Inside > The Little Things Give You Away In Pieces < One Step Closer Robotboy < Across The Line No More Sorrow < P5hng Me A*Wy When They Come For Me < Papercut Crawling > Waiting For The End Shadow Of The Day > New Divide By_Myslf > Leave Out All The Rest A Place For My Head = Lying From You(That's a hard one, so I'm just going to stay neutral) Blackout < Easier To Run Somewhere I Belong = With You(Again, neutral, no way I could decide between these two) Forgotten > Iridescent Breaking The Habit = Figure 0.9(Seriously? I love Breaking The Habit for it's lyrics, and I like the music too, but Figure .09 is so awesome that I just can't choose between the two) No Roads Left < Don't Stay Reading My Eyes > The Catalyst Yeah, I like a lot of the old stuff better if you can't already tell by my results.
  13. I wouldn't say the songs depress me. Their softer songs used to be the only way I ever could really feel emotion it used to seem, which is why I love the songs, Numb, Pushing me away(live piano version), and Breaking the habit so much. Linkin Park is truly an amazing band, they used to be all I had before I found myself, which is why no matter how much they change, there will always be that part of me that is loyal to them.
  14. Yeah, anytime I go to upload a Linkin Park related video to youtube it always suggest I add south park the the tags.
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