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  1. I agree! very good Episode! i love chaz's MAMAMAMAMAMA he does it on almost every episode
  2. Yeah. Both Rob and Brad are jewish. and so is rick rubin (producer for the past 3 albums) for that matter if were staying in the who-is-jewish topic But i don't think its worth mentioning band members religion
  3. lol @ chaz dancing / moving during waiting for the end
  4. Tomer

    UK Tour confirmed!

    they confirmed a tour but not when it will happen. they are having a small european festival tour now i doubt they'll return to europe after us tour wont make sense
  5. Tomer

    UK Tour confirmed!

    Yeah my guess early 2013 tour (january) like in 2008 they'll do an extended arena tour around UK, germany among others:)
  6. it's nice they make up canceled shows from last tour
  7. not impressed so FAR - maybe because its 6am I dont know? (I know its 30sec snippet hence 'so far' gonna judge it when i hear the full song) Had same thing with catalyst when i heard it 'meh' was my first reaction after a few listens became one of my fav songs off ats
  8. this makes me miss DBS... WHY TORTURE DBS FANS CHESTER?
  9. http://www.chesterbnetwork.com/2012/01/vid...ter-bennington/ videos are up here enjoy
  10. Chaz also joined them On palm springs
  11. Nah not a big fan of RHCP but i figured you are so i thought you are going its at the same place LP played (Yarkon Park) outdoors which is cool. hope you can make it to one show i dont think RHCP will get sold out in tel aviv, its park hayarkon lol even linkin park didnt get sold out though 15.000 tickets sold, yarkon has a capacity of 60.000.. so impossible to sell out unless ur madonna or paul mcartney they sold it out so u have nothing to worry if u go to Tel Aviv not sure about the other places u can always go last minute to tel aviv and still have tickets
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