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  1. That is too much of various strange video footage. The strangest music video of their all videos But as always guys test something new and that the good point. Always test with the types of sounding, songs and music videos. So I wouldn't call it a failure even if I don't like it.
  2. I love how Linkin Park over the years got huge experience how to mix their own songs with each other so now their performances are like complete performances with all kind of different music genres, sounds, rhythms adding awesome lights work and screens with different themes on them. The ballad medley - LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent - their best creation for me. And this year I liked very much - The Catalyst + No More Sorrow Mashup Intro + Until It's Gone.
  3. Many years after releases like HT and Meteora when Linkin Park released MTM - it was love from the first listening. But with ATS, LT and now THP that is not so easy. After a few listenings of each of these albums I already liked some (not many). And then other songs grew on my with the help of live performances. So I believe when I will hear it from live performances more songs will be liked by me. The new album is something really fresh and that you wouldn't expect from the band but last albums made good example how to grow to the songs you really like. The best example is ATS - I wouldn't ex
  4. I liked the show. On the screen its kinda looked weird comparing to previous years with all this electronics and remixes, but I am sure, live, while you at the show, it is awesome
  5. Linkin Park and Thirty Seconds to Mars tour - the time has come, finally Well, it would be awesome! The bands both have very similar fanbase.
  6. lpliveusername, great idea! Thumbs up!
  7. Well, I understand your point of view. We'll see, when the situation is stabilised, may be its still a chance.
  8. Congrats Russian community! I see few free dates from 02/06 to 05/06, might be - Ukraine and Romania