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  1. If they continue as 5, they probably have to start over. I am going to toss this idea in the trash, because I honestly don't see any chance of this happening. A new vocalist and learning their live collection is the only way LP as a brand won't be laid to rest along with Chester.
  2. I believe either they will find a new vocalist or go separate ways. Kinda doubt they'd retire, but they could afford to. Maybe some of the guys will start a new band (Like how Foo Fighters started) Look at Alice In Chains. A lot of people thought they'd be done after Lane died. They found a replacement and kept moving on. They are still a solid band and even play their oldies.
  3. I don't know if any of the five will ever read this, but here it goes... Dear Linkin Park: For 17+ years, you had touched the lives of many people in nearly every country on the planet! Everyone has their own unique story to tell about how you've impacted their life. My quest for you is Don't Stay. Keep going. Take as much time off as you need. I know there's someone out there whom you could make their dreams come true. It was nine years ago today I saw you for the first time. Thanks to the LPU, I was able to attend that show because another member had tickets and couldn't make it. Please do what the five of you do best... Make and perform music. Whatever decision you guys come to conclusion on, I will respect that. Thanks for all memories you've given us, and best wishes moving forward!
  4. On the bright side, you won't be getting punched in the mouth for calling Linkin Park a sell out. (Okay, all jokes aside now) In Chester's words, "it's been an honor and privilege" to see the boys three times. My favorite memory is Mike and Chester coming out on Bleed It Out wearing rockstar wigs and singing the second verse of GNR's Sweet Child O Mine at Alpine Valley Projekt Rev 2008.
  5. Seems so strange for this to happen, after Chester had said "this is the best day of my life" when they started their Euro tour. Especially being on Cornell's birthday. I am starting to believe his death was a murder made to look like suicide. As it stands, I guess everything was too Heavy, so he let go. He had Given Up, and is put out of his misery. Good Goodbye Chester! "When my time comes Forget the wrong that I've done Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed And don't resent me And when you're feeling empty Keep me in your memory Leave out all the rest" I wasn't going to buy One More Light. LP isn't my favorite band anymore, and I'm not a fan of Pop music. I was high the other day and listened to OML from front to back. I can honestly say, I did enjoy it. It was nice to not hear Chester screaming. I will buy it eventually. I hope they will continue to make music still. (Time to give Mark Wakefield a call. LOL) We lost a legend, but his legacy lives on!
  6. I can't stand the stupid chipmunk voice. Ruined the song for me. I don't like the rap verses. I personally think they suck. As far as the video, I'm confused. Mike needs to explain this. Especially the girl at the end. From the songs I've heard from OML, I like Battle Symphony the best.
  7. I don't like it. Seems like a cheesy pop song featuring Chester. Kiiara sounds good for being the only female on an LP album. She should have harmonized with Chester instead of taking over the song. I thought Linkin Park was a rock band... Good thing they aren't my favorite band anymore.
  8. On a side note, I heard In The End on KIIS FM today. The stupid station shortened the entire song! Shorter intro, no 2nd verse, no 2nd chorus, shorter outro.
  9. Where can I download the multitrack of Breaking The Habit? The one on LP Remix has been deleted from zippyshare.
  10. Meteora in full: 01: Don't Stay (Foreword Intro) 02: Somewhere I Belong 03: Lying From You 04: Hit The Floor 05: Easier To Run 06: Faint (Extended Outro) 07: Figure.09 08: Breaking The Habit 09: From The Inside (Extended Intro) 10: Nobody's Listening 11: Session 12: Numb 13: Papercut (2015 Intro) 14: Rebellion 15: Given Up (Extended Outro) 16: One Step Closer (Extended Outro) 17: A Line In The Sand (Keyboard Intro) 18: Runaway (Shortened) 19: Wastelands 20: Castle Of Glass (Experience Version) 21: New Divide 22: Burn It Down 23: In The End ---------------------- 24: Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro, Wall Of Noise Outro) 25: What I've Done (Guitar Solo Bridge) 26: Bleed It Out (Drum Solo Intro, The Catalyst Bridge, Extended Outro)
  11. 01: The Summoning (Live Debut) 02: Guilty All The Same 03: Given Up (Extended Ending) 04: Papercut (2015 Intro) 05: Points Of Authority (Dedicated Intro, There They Go Outro) 06: Don't Stay (Foreword Intro) 07: Lying From You 08: Leave Out All The Rest 09: Iridescent 10: Numb 11: Until It's Gone (With You Intro) 12: Powerless (Live Debut) 13: What I've Done 14: QWERTY 15: Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro, Wall Of Noise Outro) 16: All For Nothing (Live Debut. No Paige) 17: Faint (Extended Outro) ----------------------------------------- 18: A Line In The Sand 19: A Place For My Head 20: One Step Closer (Extended Outro) ------------------------------------------ 21: Bleed It Out (Drum Solo Intro. The Catalyst Bridge. Extended Outro)
  12. The full version would include Brad's singing part, which Mike didn't preform.
  13. The next album on will be Joe and Mike only All their solo medley preformances are preparing for this massive change.
  14. That is a good video. My third time seeing LP. First was in MTM era and the last two in THP era. I definitely had a better spot last year, very close in the pit. Only thing was I was by myself. This show and my first was with my older brother. I will say LP sounds better now than in 2008. I'm happy they aren't playing a bunch of shortened songs.
  15. I didn't care much for All For Nothing at first. Now I really like it. Mike's raps are really good! I can hear Mike layered on the chorus pretty well. Would be great if played live. (Probably never will). My favorite song was Final Masquerade, but not now. I love A Line In The Sand! Very happy it's played live, especially hearing it at a live show! My least favorite song would be War. Chester's vocals are weak. Mostly just screaming. In my opinion, the best album since Meteora.
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