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  1. Linkin Park Living Things review. This album is very strong, fast-paced and full of energy. Not like Hybrid Theory, but in a sense is harnesses the same kind of power and energy. LOST IN THE ECHO: Starts with percussion and soft synths. Very nu-metal with Mike rapping hard. "Each word gets lost in the echo" Chester sings as the song's power raises up. IN MY REMAINS: Digital blitz. Very high energized song with electronic dance beats. "Wash away the worst of me, and leave what's left in my remains" screams Chester in the refrain. Army drums calm the song as Mike sings "like an army falling,". BURN IT DOWN: Danceable organs and pulsing beat lead way to a soft ballad a la "Leave Out All The Rest". Mike raps hard on this one with no remorse saying "I play soldier, you played king, struck the ground when I kissed the ring". LIES GREED MISERY: Very weird. Sounds like Linkin Park goes trip-hop/glitch on this one. Mike raps "you thought you had it all" over a bouncing beat that echos left and right. Chester sings "you did it to yourself" in the bridge multiple times. I'LL BE GONE: Synths and metronome give way to a huge song. Very poppy. "I'm finding my path to the rising sun!" Chester sings. CASTLE OF GLASS: This one is a charged up "Little Things Give You Away". Chester sings "i'm on a crack, in this castle of glass" in the main melody. Mike is in the background crooning "i'm a small piece of this puzzle, help me find my place, plant my seed and make me grow", "take me down to the river, wash away the poison". VICTIMIZED: Chester screams like a madman on this one! This one is dark to the max. This is the heaviest Linkin Park song up to date. "I see it in your eyes, I feel it in your veins, you are victimized by everything you say". "Break my chains / set me free". ROADS UNTRAVELED: This one I don't remember too much. SKIN TO BONE: This one starts off with a mellotron. Chester and Mike sing together in this one similar to Robot Boy. "And the moonlight captures the light on your face" UNTIL IT BREAKS: Ballad with rapping. "Hands Held High" meets "Waiting For The End". Mike is passionate in this one. "I'm a banksy, you're a brainwash, get the picture like that? I'm the creator, you're the creation, get your position like that?". TINFOIL: Short instrumental. Sounds like movie soundtrack. POWERLESS: Starts off with folk-vibe. Chester sings "I stretch my arms in to the air, and wave them like I just don't care, I have many hours left, because these drugs make me powerless" as Mike Shinoda barks like a dog in the background and Brad's spanish megaphone line is played at the end of the song.
  2. If you think Meteora was better than A Thousand Suns than you need to get your ears checked. I mean are we hearing the same album here? What's the deal? Meteora was more formulaic, polished, and more dumbed-down than Hybrid Theory was. The whole album felt like it was just made for the masses and not for themselves. Songs like "Hit The Floor" and "Don't Stay" never should've seen the light of day, let alone become fan favorites. On the other end of the spectrum A Thousand Suns was an adventure before it even came out. The promotion of the album was phenomonal. The dark pictures, the creepy messages, everything felt like a mystery. I felt like I was a part of the album. A part of the journey. The album itself was beautiful. When I first heard "And in the end we were made to be apart/like seperate chambers of the human heart" I teared up a little. 9 years ago when I first heard "I WON'T BE IGNOOOOOORED!!!" I kinda laughed. It sounded like Chester was venting about being picked on in high school or something. A Thousand Suns is artwork. The songs are much more detailed, and the album has a song for everyone. If you like reggae/pop you have Waiting For The End. If you like prog/electro/rock you have The Catalyst. If you like industrial/experimental/world you have When They Come For Me. The whole album is filled with suprises. It's like a mystery book with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. Meteora on the other hand, a cheesy remake of Hybrid Theory with little-to-no ambition or emotion. EDIT: If you want to know my favorite albums in order, it's Reanimation tied with ATS > Hybrid Theory tied with MTM > Meteora
  3. Anyone complaining about getting only 37 minutes of music should just stop right now. Since the release of A Thousand Suns we were given two LP Underground CD's both clocking in close to 35 minutes each. So within the 18 month wait between albums we were given a little bit more than an hour of new music/old demos.
  4. Everybody likes to play the "unexcited" role these days. When a positive review comes out I see people trying to keep their enthusiasm low and I don't get why. It doesn't make sense. When an A Thousand Suns article came out with six song descriptions everyone was like "oh this is beautiful! four minute songs? mike singing more? odd structures? omgomgomg!" but when these articles for LIVING THINGS come out there are some people that are like "meh Mike said that 50% of these are wrong so i'm sticking with his opinion". I haven't seen one bad review of any of Linkin Park's new material yet. So why the pessimism?
  5. Everybody they just added POWERLESS to the review! I edited the main post
  6. "In My Remains" sounds like it's going to be really good. I noticed they forgot the last two tracks.
  7. Artist Direct posted a review of LIVING THINGS: LIVING THINGS comes to life with a blip of cackling feedback on "LOST IN THE ECHO". Soon, everything is subsumed by earth-shaking beats from drummer Rob Bourdon and airy synth sorcery by Joe Hahn. Brad Delson's guitars gut the swell as Mike Shinoda launches into an airtight verse beginning with the words, "You were that foundation". Chester Bennington sounds potently pristine during the stadium-size refrain, locking into an impenetrable harmony with Shinoda. They remain the most intriguing duo in music at large, and their interplay here is utterly mind-blowing. A cybernetic frenzy sizzles during a scratched out bridge before Bennington echoes, "This time I finally let you go". Phoenix's bass rumbles throughout the landscape, and suddenly you're plunged into a world ruled by these six individuals. A torrent of scratching fuels massive danceable percussion on "IN MY REMAINS" as Bennington's divine delivery entwines with shimmering electronics. Military drums punctuate the song's mid-section as Shinoda elegantly croons a haunting harmony over piano announcing, "Like an army falling one by one". "BURN IT DOWN" is already a timeless anthem in its own right, boasting that inescapable and irresistible refrain. Shinoda sounds like he's rapping from another universe on the skittering and staggering "LIES GREED MISERY". A majestic 21st century bitch slap, it's glitched-out, pissed-off hard rock. Subtle handclaps bounce with the keyboards during the beginning of "I'LL BE GONE" before another instantly incisive hook. It's a firestarter with more snappy riffing from Delson. There's a folk elegance to the spacey "CASTLE OF GLASS", evincing some of Shinoda and Bennington's most poetic lyrics to date—"I'm only a crack in this castle of glass." The band manages to harness that indie vulnerability moments before their heaviest track ever "VICTIMIZED". They've never done anything this bruising and brutal. Thrash paranoia steamrolls with tribal drums before a throat-slashing scream on the hook. It's vicious, violent, and vibrant. This unexpected drop is just plain fucking sick. You can practically envision festival crowds tearing up the ground to this one. "ROADS UNTRAVELED" nods to classic rock, but it's unlike anything you've ever heard, especially once that big distortion hits. There's a glimmer of electro spunk to "SKIN TO BONE" before everything gets all tripped out on the refrain—another welcome surprise. On the other end of the spectrum, "UNTIL IT BREAKS" stands out as the band's most poignant ballad ever. Everything culminates on the cinematic closer "POWERLESS". It has the heft of a John Williams score and the power of any of Linkin Park's best output. Not only is Living Things one of the best albums of the decade, it's a new classic. Once again, Linkin Park raise the bar. This is a hybrid like you've never heard and won't again—until their next album. The world's been crying out for a great rock album, and this is it. EDIT: @master360: @rickflorino So on Living Things NO SKIT? all SONGS? @rickflorino: @master360 there's an instrumental interlude called "TINFOIL" that's killer TINFOIL is confirmed to be an instrumental. Thoughts?
  8. I'm just glad this site is professionally managed. I would hate to refresh this page and see a bottle of ketchup, everyone with potatoes in their signature, and people who are purposely smart-asses just to be funny and tease with new members. It's annoying and ridiculous. This site isn't dead. Like someone said earlier, if you delete any nonsense post in that thread on LPA and it's going from 38 pages to maybe 5-7
  9. Hey guys, I moved to this site because the LPA is just too off-topic and boring for me, but now we are all going off-topic in this thread by bashing their members and what they are doing. Lets not be hypocrites. Lets be heroes and do some REAL work.
  10. Hopefully everyone stays focused here and doesn't go off on meme tangents and "oh I live in Philadelphia I got this" rants. Let's be the group of fans who figures this out! I'm guessing there will be some kind of artwork or message leading to the next clue.
  11. I hate when people pull those three songs out of an eleven song album and try to say that this album was creative. "well 27 percent of the album was like uhh creative!"
  12. Meteora was terrible. The reason I didn't like it was simply because of the demos we got in the past three LPU Cd's. They made me realize how much better it could have been. Instead we got a carbon-copy of Hybrid Theory.
  13. If anyone wants to pre-order the album they should pre-order it here at LPLive. You're basically buying the album as you normally would, but you also get a reward (which is shaping out to be a demo of Frgt/10) for helping out your favorite Linkin Park fansite! It's a win-win-win situation. Yeah three wins. Pre-order the album, help your favorite fan site, and get rewarded. LET'S DO IT GUYS!
  14. Maybe it's not about the song, but it's about the lyrics! We're getting a picture with a spot of dirty yellow lights that are flooding a floor!
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