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  1. one step closer figure 9 a place for my head in pieces (just for the solo!) given up/no more sorrow (cant decide which) bare in mind ALL ATS songs are on GH.
  2. nah its not dead. im just caught up in a ton of other things and every time i come on here i never have the matches with me. promise next couple of days it'll be up. Worst comes to worst le waz will take over for a bit
  3. yes yes yes round 3 is coming thanks all for patience!
  4. lol considering i've been here like a month, i'm not suprised you've done this before! was just saying was all.
  5. ok so here we go... all acosutic, right?? 1) Burning In The Skies 2) One Step Closer 3) Leave Out All The Rest 4) Numb 5) Breaking The Habit 6) Given Up 7) Somewhere I Belong 8) Waiting For The End 9) Iridescent 10) New Divide 11) Across The Line 12) Crawling 13) Little Things Give You Away 14) Pushing Me Away 15) In The End 16) Rollin' In The Deep Encore 17) Shadow Of The Day 18) The Messenger 19) What I've Done 20) The Catalyst 21) Faint TV Set 1) One Step Closer 2)Numb 3) Waiting For The End 4) Iridescent 5) Rollin In The Deep 6) What I've Done what do you guys think?!
  6. sounds like a more advanced complicated version of my tourney. LOL anyway, my vote is papercut, same reason's as the above for somewhere i belong lol.
  7. The draw for round 3 is done.. all thats left is for me to put it up here tonight, so keep your eyes open! Some really great matches coming up! Thanks all who've voted so far!
  8. me and le waz hopefully be making the draw tonight. im working the results out as we speak.
  10. Hello! We got 5 hours 20 minutes left to vote!! See if we can get ust 1 or 2 more votes guys??? Speak to you all later, remember, no votes after 6oclock GMT!!
  11. do u have to be a member of the LPU??
  12. 1 day left of voting guys! 1 vote more than last round.... any more???? any one wanna push blackout through??? When they come for me looking shockingly good though... Get your votes in! Trust me some are so close your vote could literally make the difference either way!
  13. ah the legendary pez keeps blackout's hopes alive And Breaking The Habit AND When They Come For Me! Sweet voting
  14. due to an argument with the co-creator, le waz, the draws will now be decided via coin toss. any problems??
  15. as creator, if you don't vote, i'm chosing for all ones not voted. (Vote BTH!!)
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