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  1. No midnight (EST) release it seems.
  2. Mmm...Cookies pt 2. Loved the first one.
  3. Mike and Chester started laughing. I thought it was funny.
  4. Just got home from show, was pretty good. Had some tall guy in front of me for most of the show. Chester screwed up OSC so the end was a bit extended, it was funny. Not sure how many noticed it. Had my old LPST shirt underneath my Vecel shirt and Rob noticed during the MnG. Started drilling me on old school LPST info to see if I was legit, rofl? He's funny. Smacked Chester and had insightful conversation with Dave about people's horrible skills at catching things. Which turned funny to me when I caught another pick from Phoenix after show, gave it to an LPU'er. More will come to me when I've had rest.
  5. Ill see you at the Indy MnG. glad you enjoyed the show Brandon, I know I did. Very tired atm..but all worth it.
  6. Was a good show, small venue, small pit but very nice. I walked into the pit literally 5 minutes before LP came on and was in 2nd Row. I didn't expect to be helping with the Setlist but glad I could. I tried posted each song, some with pics but phone died. Sorry for any confusion.
  7. Lol, no replies. Indiana must be a shitty place for LP fans.
  8. I look at it like this. Going to concerts is a luxury, so it won't be cheap.
  9. If you have your laminate, you can get yourself and ONE person in early with you.
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