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  1. Not bad but not their best. It'll grow on me the more I listen but I think this will fall the way of LT in that I won't revisit it much. I get a very 80's feeling from most of the album but I can't really explain why!? Good, Goodbye sounds out of place on this album when listening to it as a whole. It's like they guys decided they need at least one song with rapping on it so just shoved it in there. First album without an instrumental of any kind. I wonder was this intentional by band and if so, why. I won't rate the songs individually just yet as I need to give them a lot m
  2. Heavy was so much better live compared to the studio version IMO Chester sounded better and he was on top form for those few live tracks
  3. 200+ for everything bundle!!! No thanks 60 euro for tshirt bundle!! No thanks Selected CD bundle for 24euro. Go to check-out and see shipping is another 8euro. No thanks Be ordering from Amazon or some other place. Sucks OML is only 10 tracks. Hopefully the other 9 are longer than Heavy (which is just OK imo)
  4. Sucks for those who had tickets but there's nothing to be done. Anyone who thinks Chester should push through the pain barrier is stupid and selfish. I seen a comment comparing it to Brad breaking his foot. Completely different scenario for several reasons. We don't know the extent of the damage to Chesters ankle. Ligement or tendon damage, the kind of break it is and whether he needed screws to keep the bones in place. We just don't know. I'm sure he'll release a video message soon in relation to it. He needs to rest up, heal and get fully fit.
  5. I'll wait for the blu-ray. There better be a blu-ray!
  6. Not bad, not bad at all Yeah, movie titles change a lot depending on territory Live Free or Die Hard in the US but changed to Die Hard 4.0 outside America The Rundown (The Rock & Seann William Scott) was changed to Welcome to the Jungle in some countries Warrior King (Tony Jaa) was changed to The Protector in America
  7. We've been hoodwinked yo! Next meet n greet, f**k asking Mike for a new verse of BIO, call him out on this 324 shows in 2001 BS! AndOne is probably closest with his post. That could be the total amount of shows played over 2-3 years but somebody mistakenly stated it as over 1 year.
  8. Gawd forbid Chester was actually on form :rollseyes:
  9. I guess I know who posted the FB comments yesterday from the LPL crew As I posted yesterday, I gotta little OCD about this stuff.
  10. Maybe another reason they stopped the DSP is because it seems like every single show is recorded now on video and/or audio. Then its available via Youtube or elsewhere online...such as here!
  11. I haven't listened to this years LPU CD. Not via YT, download or whatever. I just can't be bothered. Based on the comments from you guys and the fact I've had my fill of instrumentals. Normally, I'd have listened on day 1 but not this time. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually
  12. That's good but was the poll limited to the LPU only? If that's the case then you'll get people who join/renew voting for the same no matter what. You need to open it up to everyone because a lot have left LPU because we don't feel the package is worth and/or doesn't contain items we like (I'm one of these people)
  13. My guess is 12pm PST so about 8pm GMT
  14. Agreed! Stickers are nice but honestly, I'm 30. Think I've outgrown stickers! Maybe they should start providing stuff that people actually use on a regular basis. Just some ideas: LPU mousemat Keychain A watch (considering Target sell $10 watches, it shouldn't be that expensive to produce) Phone/iPod holder for your arm (you know, what you see joggers wearing) A glasses case - just about everyone owns a pair of glasses (sunglasses/spectacles) LPU Cup/Mug/Glass/Shotglass Scarf/Cap/beanie
  15. Won't be signing up again this year. Just not worth the money anymore. The delivery cost on top definitely makes it not worth it. The LPU9 vinyl, the "official member of LPU" plaque made it worth money. What happened to those kind of items? I'm 30 yrs old too and really don't have much need for stickers anymore, no matter how cool they look. And the LPU forums, well, I never used them when I was a member. As for the CD, I'd love them to change it up like they did with Mmm....Cookies. No demos, no live songs but something different. Maybe do covers of their favourite songs and
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