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  1. Alternative metal Deftones are amazing, nu metal Deftones sucked.
  2. I looked into and I think that he was talking about the drums of Papercut being ripped from Around The Fur.
  3. HTEP - Part of Me HT - Papercut, Pushing Me Away, With You RA - Pushing, Krwling, Frgt10 M - Breaking The Habit, From The Inside, Numb CC - POA/99P/OSC MTM - Shadow Of The Day, Leave Out All The Rest, In Pieces ATS - Iridescent, Waiting For The End, The Catalyst LT - Powerless, Castle Of Glass, Until It Breaks RC - COG, IBG (Vice), Powerless LPU - Pretend To Be, QWERTY, Wish Live Song - Iridescent (Transfomers Version) Collab - Numb/Encore/Yesterday Top 5 1. Iridescent (Studio Version) 2. Powerless 3. Waiting For The End 4. Castle Of Glass (Music Video
  4. So I just watched an old interview of Chino Marino from 2001 where he claimed that one of LP's songs was a rip off of a Deftones song; does anybody know what songs he was talking about?
  5. Just for the sake of comparison what was the BPM of Mike's Victomized remix?
  6. In 2008 or 2009 I heard Shadow of the Day on the radio on the school bus.
  7. Hopefully we get some info on the EP now the contest is over.
  8. You could add Universe as a working title for Reasurection too.
  9. 1. Powerless (ATS Demo) 2. Castle Of Glass (Demo) 3. Iridescent (Demo) 4. The Messenger (Demo) 5. Thoughts That Take Away My Pride song 6. Instrumental from Making Of Meteora 7. Fuse (Chester Vocals) 8. Mr. Hahn instrumental like CFTI 9. The song LP did with DJ Fresh 10. Complete ATS b-side
  10. Change isn't a new LP song it's the Beta State from the LPU Sessions.
  11. Hit The Floor Lies Greed Misery Easier To Run By Myself Robot Boy
  12. I'm almost positive the performance will be filmed and released as part of a Hybrid Theory 15th Anniversary Edition.
  13. This also proves that the winning ALTNC remix won't be on it and the EP it will be on isn't LPU13.
  14. I would love to see Chester be the lead in a movie. What ever happened to that Dark As Day movie he was supposed to star in?
  15. I'm all for Mike doing solo stuff but I think that he should drop the Fort Minor name and just release stuff under his own name like he did for The Raid.
  16. I wish Joe would release some solo music sometime.
  17. Shouldn't this go in the side projects section? Anyways Camp Freddy.
  18. This is from Classic Rock Magazine's Facebook page: In the new issue of Classic Rock, Stone Temple Pilots and Scott Weiland go toe-to-toe in the year’s biggest rock’n’roll bust-up. We speak to STP and Weiland to find out why one of the greatest American bands of the 1990s fell out with each other in such spectacular fashion – and just what Weiland really thinks about Chester Bennington. You can read both sides of the story in the latest issue of Classic Rock, out now! Can anybody get scans of this? Sounds like it'll be a very interesting article.
  19. I'm kinda opposite of you on this. I think MY>DSMBR is golden and don't have much faith in the Team Sleep remix because I thought that their album was shit.
  20. An interesting show note for this could Dean broke a guitar string going into Interstate Love Song.
  21. There is no doubt at all. When the members of Sublime reformed with a new singer they got sued over using the name Sublime, all the did was change their name to Sublime with Rome and that was the end of their legal troubles. There wasn't any legal troubles with Queen + Paul Rodgers either.