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  1. Holding Company = LITE One Forty = IMR Primo = IBG I pretty positive these have all been confirmed, I don't remember where the confirmations were but I think that Holding Company was confirmed in Inside Living Things.
  2. I'm pretty sure Rob has said Little Things is his favorite.
  3. I don't care if we ever get the Team Sleep remix, I didn't like Team Sleep and I don't see how anything can top the remix already on Reanimation. I hope that they start including collaborations that never got released on LPU cd's. I'd kill for the track Mike did with Michael Bublé.
  4. I doubt that they'll release an official soundtrack but you know people are going to rip all the songs and I'm sure there are more tracks than what where in the beta.
  5. Linkin Park Recharge soundtrack late summer Mall soundtrack in the fall LPU13 in November LP6 spring 2014
  6. I hope they release a live album or a greatest hits with Chester's vocals while we wait for a full album. Also is there official artwork for Out Of Time?
  7. I really think that they should try a different producer now. I would love to see what Brian Eno could do for LP.
  8. No, I only have a minute and a half of him playing Break On Through with The Doors.
  9. Rainbow In The Dark with Dio. He also played some songs with The Doors
  10. You're missing Fiction (Dreams in Digital) with Orgy, Wonderful with Stone Temple Pilots and maybe a few other things I can't remember.
  11. You know we have no right to bitch about getting demos we already have because technically we shouldn't even have them (except for the What I've Done remix) and you have no proof that the instrumentals we get ever had vocals on them.
  12. 1. Rob's drum tracking song from Making of Mereora 2. Thoughts that take away my pride song 3. Mike's piano song from Making of Meteroa 4. I'll show you what I've got song from MOATS 5. Song with harmonica from MOATS 6. Iridescent Demo 7. Powerless demo from ATS sessions 8. Victomized demo with gang vocals 9. Original lost in the echo demo 10. Valentine's Day demo with Mike on vocal (If it exists)
  13. You should take out the demos and remixes.
  14. Just another rock purist that hated Nu-Metal and and never gave newer LP albums a chance. I doubt that he's even listened to anything post Hybrid Theory. I'm sure that he probably got all of his info from Wikipedia.
  15. I think that they should follow Metallica's lead, go independent but get the rights to all their music. It would be cool if they got to keep Machine Shop as well.
  16. I never listen to him either but I'm all for new LP music.
  17. http://m.aol.com/music/blog/theboombox/201...o-b-rock-album/
  18. So what all comes with the LP edition? Edit: Never mind
  19. I wish Chester would have been the one singing Enter Sandman, I would love to see him try to sing some Metallica sometime.
  20. Well in LPTV episodes it shows him playing guitar, piano, writing lyrics and humming melodies. I'm guessing most of the "poor me" lyrics in their early work was from Chester.
  21. Am I the only one here happy about short tour cycles.
  22. I'm so glad that this music is dead, I recognized most of these songs and the only nostalgia I felt from it was the 1 second of One Step Closer.
  23. That's funny, I thought hearing Shadow Of The Day for the first time was what made me a fan of LP.
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