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  1. I wonder why do ppl comment ok,& useless comments here,just to make this page hard to read "facts" about linkin park,all I read most the time is this f'ing useless discussion.
  2. like he said,first listen will shock listeners,you can't actually understand & like a song to the fullest until you repeat it again
  3. more guests coming this album? http://instagram.com/p/nQxi4hi4Sn/
  4. Piano isn't fitting in this version
  5. loooool haha,I believe,that sometimes when you're suffering depression & you listen to sad songs,you become more sad after listening to sad ones,for me music is just an entertainment,it has saved many lives,it gives motivation,only if you want it.music is a good thing
  6. soul?where the f you live,I'm gonna kill you lol.LINKIN PARK ROCKS & these nominations suck.30STM's 1st two albums are very bad honestly speaking,This is war & love lust faith're only the good ones,but the truth is,they get so much huge response & lp fans are busy al;ways kissing their gfs in concerts all the time
  7. Well honestly speaking,what if chester was doing that role in American hustle?I can bet,chester'd be better actor than jared.just saying & look at girls,they see a guy w/ money,ohhhh he's sssssooo handsome,one w/ an empty pocket who even looks like a hero,no one gives a f...lol
  8. lucky mo*********s ,two icons playing music infront of ur f'ing eyes,you're lucky to be there,so close to them.never ever had a chance to even see them from stadium's last seat
  9. I think,cars will be flying in air,accidents,heroin will be thinking,oh where's my hero,he'll come out of f'ing nowhere but a wrecked f'ing car alive without any bruises,they'll kiss eachother,songs fit now?THE END------
  10. Imagine Linkin park opening for justin bieber,mannnnnn
  11. The band or singer covering the most part,I don't know that thing,except rick ross,stone sour,fall out boy,never heard of anyone in list lol
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