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  1. Hopefully they remove the Transformers scenes from the Iridescent video too.
  2. I'll be there, just got my meet and great confirmation email from the LPU too!
  3. 2008 when Shadow of the Day was playing on the radio all the time, I loved the song and MTM was the first album I ever actually bought. I didn't became a hardcore fan until 2009 though.
  4. That doesn't prove anything. CFTI is longer than OSC so I guess OSC isn't a "song" then. I'm hopefully it has vocals but let's try not to assume to much.
  5. Duped by some twitter asshole again it looks like, maybe posting rumors isn't such a good idea after all. The embargo was for the 29th anyways so I'm sure we'll have the song by Tuesday.
  6. Though I hope it's true I don't know if we can trust some random guy on twitter, that didn't work out so well last week.
  7. Well we have 6 confirmed song titles already and various other titles that are likely going to be on the album so this isn't really much of a loss.
  8. Get over yourself dude. Yes the LPA is choosing not to post the rumor but your reasoning for that is complete bullshit. Personally I like the tracklist and the whole midevil vibe of it.
  9. Quit being an asshole, Stranger's comment was a blatant lie and LPL members talk smack and post fake shit too.
  10. I'm getting strong Game Of Thrones vibes from that whole tracklist.
  11. Did you even look at the tweet, it mentions the LPA before LPL.
  12. Did he say for sure that the LP song will be on part 2?
  13. I don't wee why everybody thinks DBS; STP would be more likely. Personally I hope it's a brand new Chester solo song.
  14. They didn't end up useing the live strings they recorded for Faint so I think that you should remove from David Campbell's list. Also the strings for Blackbirds were recorded in the same session as all the other songs from MTM with the same performers so you can add that to the lists for all those people.
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