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  1. Could one of you hook me up with that video, that okay since its from a promo right.
  2. This should be renamed to "All Linkin Park music videos list" or you should add all their videos to the list like Frat Party, Making of Meteora, LPTV episodes and ect...
  3. I Like it also. Doesn't seem like when it had first came out everyone was crazy about the song and after a few days eveybody was hating on it.
  4. I just downloaded the show from lpamerican and scanned it, its virus free.
  5. I want to start collecting all the bands "Making of" videos but I need to know what ones there are first. If you guy could compile a list for me that would be great.
  6. Can anybody upoad audiorips of them?
  7. Why didn't they choose killing fields, its their only good song.
  8. Thanks for the info guys .
  9. The tracklisting just says Bass on the Bottom but she credited Mr. Hahn on her myspace for remixing two songs for her on the album.
  10. I know that Mike plays guitar for the band sometimes and is seen in many of their music videos playing one but what I want to know is on what songs does he actually play guitar on.
  11. BOTB was on Tigra's album "Please Mr. BoomBox"
  12. There was a promo cd released of it in I think 2007. I havn't been able to find out anything about the other track he made for he either. Also here's another one for the list. Apathy - Shoot First (Instrumental)
  13. Lady Tigra - Bass On The Bottom (Mr. Hahn + Troublemaker Remix) There are 3 versions (Studio, Instrumental and Acapella)
  14. What ever happened to Joe's side project?
  15. What songs are being mashed up on the track?
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