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  1. Nina, hey! *waves* Cool to see you on here as well!
  2. The album We're Here With You (btw: a reference to the legendary Pink Floyd album with the title Wish You Were Here!) will be out in September, with a single release coming up in July/August. Source: German Sonic Seducer Magazine - 06/2011
  3. It's the Jay Baumgardner Mix... Not a remix, though - I think this is the original mix that JK were not that satisfied with. Only one of the reasons why it wasn't included into the new album, I guess...
  4. They are not touring in support of the new album, as the new album won't be out by then But there might be some more previews for it, of course... The real tour supporting the new album will take place after release!
  5. YESSS! And the Cologne show for the street teamers is by far the most epic one ever for me, since I can celebrate into my birthday on June 11 that night!!! See you at as many shows as possible I'll definitely go to the Cologne show and the M'era Luna Festival..
  6. Fucking awesome! But yeah, JK are just the best and deserve the best coverage *hahaha* And also everyone had to make up for me not being there
  7. I think "Soul Song" might have been the best GD song ever. And I also really like "Anything, Anything" and "Sometimes."
  8. Totally right! And it's DBS season again so I've been rediscovering the album lately. To me, it's the perfect fall album - maybe because it was released in fall but also because it transports a certain atmosphere that I can really adapt to during this time.
  9. I'm totally with you on that.
  10. Uh no. I think he needs a full band behind him that also helps him with the songwriting and joins creative forces with him. Not to get me wrong - I think he would be capable of it but I think it simply fulfills him to make music with his friends. I can see him revive his cover band at some point, though!
  11. I would love to see another DBS album because it's better than everything LP have done in all these years *lol* And I really think it's gonna happen at some point - without Brandon, though.
  12. It's confirmed now: Sep 08 - Paris (FRA) - Le Klub
  13. Disease Dystopian Girl Forever Killing Fields Maestro Someday Soon Systeme de Sexe But basically any song
  14. Haha, I know what it is... Let's hope we can achieve the goal! Everybody get their tix ready!!
  15. I don't like My Passion at all... But yeah, I'm not into that emo/screamo stuff in general, so that was no surprise! Murder FM sound quite good, though! Nothing too special but definitely something I would watch! Good thing for me then that My Passion won't be in London *hahahaha*
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