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  1. Yes I totally get what you mean there! Sadly desperate times for desperate measures :/
  2. What do you mean? I know it's worth much more than $50
  3. Ahh ok thanks she got it from either the LP or FM store back in either 2005 or 6
  4. Hello! sorry if i have placed this in the wrong place but... my wife is considering to sell her mike shinoda skate deck (signed by all of the band) would anyone have a good idea on how much it would be worth? thanks
  5. oh darn, thats what i got too, what a waste of money oh well, album art book and shirt are awesome atleast
  6. i am very surprised to see some of the answers but here are mine 1. When they come for me 2. High Voltage (more reanimation version thought) 3. Wretches and Kings 4. Skin to Bone 5. In Between
  7. hello all! today i got my "the hunting party" package with the shirt, art book and lithograph, i really enjoy the art book and shirt, love the CD. One serious question...is the lithograph meant to be that small? has anyone else got it?
  8. question, after buying the cd where is the download link? >_<
  9. trying to buy the CD and the site keeps crashing, bleh!
  10. hey all! this is a video i recorded on my phone at the summit in auckland back in feb, thought i should share this as i recon its not too bad for phone quality! got some other videos on my channel but this is my fav
  11. Yes I did! But options are very limited in terms of what we like in subtle songs. So may as well rock out to faint :-D
  12. not alone is not a bad idea, after discussing it with the mrs i think we are going to go for faint! lyrics are not exactly happy, but its our favourite song, has the energy that HT and Meteora has and everyone know we came together because of LP!
  13. yea i was thinking along those lines, a possibility ermm honestly both me and my fiancee cant stand that song haha
  14. Hello! i am looking for a Linkin Park song that is suitable for my wedding, all songs i can think of are not exactly happy ones! i have had a quick scan through all the albums and LPU albums but nothing seems to work. the reason this is so important to me is that me and my Fiancée meet because of Linkin Park, in the underground chat years ago, she moved over to New Zealand from Germany for me and have been together 5 years thanks for any help you guys can provide!
  15. the MFR activity today was good fun! im on the front page of the LPU in the video, im the guy on the left with a rake talking in the 2nd half
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