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  1. Impact Date => Radio Release. It's not yet listed on the german warner music database. Probably will be released on CD in december if this is true
  2. not gonna happen. would be a dickmove to guys who preordered nope. maybe a livevideo, but no CD/DVD afaik
  3. doesn't work for people who ordered from outside the US. At least not for anyone from Germany because the store is slightly differen. None of the german preorderers has yet received an email with the Download Link nor is there a download available on the store.
  4. well James McMahon, Editor in Chief for Kerrang! got some demos... who knows on which medium he heard them
  5. just confirmed fake by adam https://twitter.com/heydudeimadam/status/449955557948936192
  6. XBox One aka the Next Gen Console of Microsoft that has by far not sold as many items as Sony has Sold PS4s Windows ME is still worse than Windows 8, I still only knew very few people who use it because it's basically a tablet OS and not pretty good on normal laptops. I could install win8 on one of my machines, wouldn't be worth it tho
  7. Rock am Ring will be from June 5.-8. while Rock im Park will be from June 6.-9.
  8. we'll see what happens at Nova Rock, I'll have a bunch of friends there (including my uncle )
  9. somewhere equals right in the center Allan Gardens in Toronto under a bench what time? Toronto Time... = EDT = GMT-4 = 7pm CET My job here is done...
  10. http://www.manningbar.com/ get someone there.. oh wait, it's fucking 4 am in Sydney.. wait at least 4 hours for the clue