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  1. Almost certain these are the Shure UHF series but cant confirm because I can't find that release date. I thought Shure discontinued their wireless systems after the L series (which this isn't) in the 90s re-entering the wireless market in mid 2000s which rules the first picture out. But again looks identical. I know 100% the 2004 pictures he is using that Shure UHF series Microphone (U2 model in MK2 freq) based on the MK2 marked under the picture (which funny enough, was posted by the LPL Twitter account that appeared in a photo. Long story short, 99.99998% sure it is the Shure UHF Series (So a U4s or U4d receiver, U2 Mic) but the date time line messes with my head. Note, have used these mics before, they are stupidly heavy hahaha.
  2. Pez

    We Are Back!

    Low key been itching to sign in again and say hello. The new site is cute. Nice job team.
  3. Got mine today, pretty sure I identified my part... Vinyl looks awesome too!
  4. I'd provide mine but I'd have no idea if I'd be able to scan it.
  5. Little off by on topic. Did anyone get an email from the merch providers regarding their order (The Deluxe vinyl)? They said there was a payment issue for both me and a friend but I can see the charge on my credit card.... Are we the only ones?
  6. Two things I'm dying for, that 360 video to be taken off private and those Instrumentals and Accapellas to be officially released. Oh and an album with a full tour if we are granting wishes here.
  7. I like LPs logic tho. "Hey, we'll play ALITS but we'll drop the 3 other hunting party songs we've been playing". I know it was a festival setlist but still hahaha
  8. Papercut intro caught me off guard. So boss. PS, Looks like Brad is wearing in ear monitors now. Its either his headphones are now feeding him audio or hes wearing them underneath the headphones like rob does. I'm leaning towards his phones are the ones producing the sound. But I can confirm hes wearing a IEM belt back with wires heading down his back.
  9. Brad has Soundproof headphones. Same if you were to go to a gun range to protect your ears. He also wears ear buds inside his ears as well. All to protect his hearing. Hes the only member in the band that doesn't hear the click. Rob on the other hand still has in-ears running the click and all, but has the headphones over the top for a little bit of sound reinforcement.
  10. Dont gonna lie, I like this video a lot more then the orginial. I feel its a little more ftting to the song.
  11. Also, I thought Id give shazam a go to see if it had any extra info we might not have. All I got back was Tags Luna and Malc Rx7. According the the album field its got 7 - Luna and 4 - Malc Rx7 so maybe that will be there track listings? They also are interestedly under Joe Hahn as the artist. Edit: Just realized this and more is covered in the White Noise thread.
  12. Poor bloke has an ear infection and everyone goes nuts. Brad's a nice bloke. Pulled me aside back in 2010 after the show and said some very kind words which I'll keep between me and him. He's a part of Linkin Park, I wouldn't want to see him leave. There are 5 other blokes in the band too who would have their own views on sets and what should and shouldn't be in there. Just saying. The poor bloke gets a lot of slack on this site as of late.
  13. Yeah Mike's keyboard rig is full of issues tonight. He didnt even attempt the Maschine solo which is no surprise.
  14. Not anymore. Good old technical difficulties. Not COG. Mike's Keyboard brain/Ableton fucked out.
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