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  1. I rather enjoy these chats - a lot of knowledge shared. Thanks! I’ve mentioned it before, but I think LPLive should stream a HT show with live commentary. Of course that depends if you know which one is carousel 😛
  2. Thinking the same thing - I don’t see any explanation besides keeping cost down?
  3. To echo: the footage used in the trailer is for sure HD compared to the standard definition currently on YouTube. So hopefully management replace the current 480p for 1080p
  4. POM, could be saved for future LPU disc? I wonder if they plan on ever doing them again
  5. I feel you! I paid AUD$335 from the WarnerBrosAus site https://imgur.com/wFOWq9P
  6. The feelings! That video! Can’t believe it! 🥰😆🤩
  7. I think Derek/ LPLIVE co are trying to avoid spoilers - maybe we should wait until the guys announce in the webmeeting before posting links?
  8. Yeah, as Mike caught up with the ‘Be/In Yourself’ = PB reveal on his latest stream, he mentioned how the guys, Adam and even Rob’s parents were involved. It just hit me that we are possibly finally getting a mastered high quality ‘Reading My Eyes’ ! We only have a lower quality RME from the Xero tape, and then the live recorded RME from the LPU 6.0. Mike spitting these words out, so good!
  9. From the corrupted music files on the website to Mike leaking the “mastered” files on twitch - I’m feeling it’ll be a ‘remastered’ HT with the new tracks (from website) package. If this is true, begs the forever tricky question - do i listen to the remastered or original release? 😅
  10. Link? I've run into extended previews.
  11. Where can we rewatch the special announcement > beta.vyrt.com/announcement ? Did anyone record it?
  12. For sure there is AFI's logo below LP & 30STM: 3 of my favourite bands in 1 tour. I'm totally saving up money and planning a trip to the States from Sydney.
  13. Do you think that, that is the reason why it take so long for videos of the LPTV and LPUTV to come out. Mark has to organise his collection of video clips. He then has to edit the videos together/ render the videos. And then do the videos go through Warner or Linkin Park? And then finally the LP HQ and the LPU Team get the videos and upload them. (That would be a long process.) Can anyone confirm the actually process? Im curious now.
  14. I voted A THOUSAND SUNS -- Even with its interludes, I think you must listen to it way to fro to truly experience the album. Its an experience. I love that.
  15. Thats a good question. Im not sure if he would want to be contacted to be honest. I want to contact him too. Talking to him at the LPU SUMMIT in SYDNEY, He doesnt like the 'lime' light and/or trys to avoid it.
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