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LPUX Tracklisting

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Coal (1997) Points Of Authority Demo Hybrid Theory (2000) Unfortunate (2002) Halo (2002) Meteora (2003) Divided (2005) What We Don't Know (2007) Minutes To Midnight (2007) I Have Not Begun (2009) Pale (2009) A Thousand Suns (2010)


"POA demo" maybe made before 2000, but I can't understand why didn't got date, and "Pretend To By" why didn't got a "demo xxxx" info, maybe it's the 2008 demo's final version.


And we already heard 3 POA demos + Pts.Of.Authrty (demo), maybe it's an other?!

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Great news! Can't wait for the "Link please?" bannage to begin any second now! Surprised that they put "Pretend to Be" on there, since I thought it was exclusive to the LPUX Download. May as well have thrown "Blackbird" on there if that's the case.


I think LP and the hardcore fans have a different definition of "surprise", too. I'm hoping "No Roads Left" but expecting a 15 minute piano version of BTH ;-)

haha. 15 minutes breaking the habit. nice one.


This aren't the same songs! Coal is an instrumental:



I doubt POA, cause if they play it they have to drop WTCFM :P they don't fit together in the same setlist.

I hope for FTI would be awesome, but sadly I can't be at the show :(

I've said this before, most people won't even notice about the lyric thing between WTCFM and POA. I didn't even notice it until a person on here pointed it out. So i think its ok to have them in same setlist. An most people won't care


I'm hoping for Points of Authrity, With You, Don't Stay, or Figure.09. or all 4 of them

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Sounds really nice, I hope that PoA is not a demo that we already have heard.

as far as I know we have only heard PTB so far all other songs are new ;)

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Maybe they'll play blackout and i think it's possible

I'd like to hear another time the 1stp Klosr verse that would be awesome and i think that didnt play that since 2006 was really stupid.

Maybe P5nh me a*wy but the real thing it's that i believe that this concert will have more songs and maybe a new DVD, because of 10 years of LPU and because they have the new album fresh.

I hope a new DVD that would be awesome

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Did you guys notice..

On the picture of LPU X CD,the Points Of Authority demo full name was "Oh No (Points Of Authority Demo)"...

That's what I saw..

Correct me if i'm mistaken..


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Ah shittttttttttttt! so im literally going on no sleep last night because of an essay i had to finish. I have work today from 12-5 which will push being up to about 36 hours. If this leaks by the time i get home i'll be a complete zombie listening to this all the way through, should be fun! lol


Anyway let the guess games begin!


01. Unfortunate (2002) - i bet this is an instrumental


02: What We Don't Know (2007) - m2m session, so melody driven ballad type song


03: Points Of Authority Demo - oh nice i get to add to my collection of point of authority songs lol i can literally make a Linkin Park album titled Points of Authority with Mike's mean mug on the cover slurring forfeit the game, track list 1-20 with Points of authority live, remix, reanimation, techno, live again, etc etc etc ugh not excited for this one


04: I Have Not Begun (2009)- ATS session?!?! Looking forward to this one. Chester said the earlier stuff was heavier, maybe a screamer song.


05: Pale (2006)- Sounds like an instrumental..


06: Pretend To Be- Heard it. Digged it. Nothing new.


07: Divided (2005)- The post-meteora/pre-minutes phase. we got qwerty during that phase which was a lot like old LP but a little different. this one maybe as well.


08: What I've Done (M.Shinoda Remix) - *sigh


09: Coal (1997)- Bet this is Mike rapping all over this song


10: Halo (2002) - Definantly a slow song, Meteora phase, or the session they scrapped when they made their sophmore album?



I think at the end of the day 2 maybe 3 will definantly deliver, the rest will be short instrumentals, or incomplete stuff like on LPU 9.



Oh and congrats LPlive for winning the context! Maybe have a thread where users can submit questions, and you guys pick the best? It'll be a cool way to get the users involved to indirectly communicate with the band.

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2 demos from 2002 is awesome. Can't wait to hear the full CD, this will be even more awesome than 2009 :) And the fact, lplive won the interview with Mike and another band member is excellent too.


Can't wait to hear the CD and read the interview :)

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