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  1. No one has noticed that with Skin To Bone has finished something from Linkin Park songs: short songs, big screams. If you don't believe go and have a look: Faint(2.44), From The Inside(2.56), One Step Closer(2.36), Lies Grees Missery(2.26), Lying From You(2.55), Hit The Floor(2.44) and Victimized(1.48), Reading My Eyes(2.55).
  2. I dont care about how the album will sound because it will be awesome. The only thing I want from them is playing all of teir songs, where is Runaway, SIB, APFMH,POA, Dont Stay or Figure.09? Come on guys dont say that you dont miss this songs live because it´s impossible. They could be like Muse because they play a set with all of Origin of Simetry because it turned 10 years old. What did we see when Hybrid Theory turn ten years old? Only APFMH. Come on do something special in your live shows
  3. Akawe94

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Slip is so fucking epic and Essaul has better quality than the one we have so great!
  5. Do we have some more information about the chat about what Mike said or something like that? It's ok having this song as single but Wretches And Kings rules
  6. Guys if they play this setlist this would be the most fucking awesome live ever by them and if they do this and make a DVD from this concert it Would be best thing by them, I'd add By Myself Figure09 and QWERTY but Ididn't cause they play only 24 songs now 01. Blackout 02. Papercut 03. Lying From You 04. Given Up 05. Points Of Authority 06. Wretches & Kings 07. No More Sorrow 08. Don't Stay 09. From The Inside 10. Jornada Del Muerto/Waiting For The End 11. Numb 12. With You 13. The Radiance/Burning In The Skies 14. What I've Done 15. Fallout/The Catalyst 16. In The End 17. Bleed It Out 18. New Divide --------------------- 19. Somewhere I Belong 20. Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me 21. Crawling 22. A Place For My Head 23. Faint 24. One Step Closer
  7. It's late but no problem Happy birthday He's an amazing guitaris but not the best in the world Every song has an amazing job by him so congratulations Brad
  8. and some place on te hinternet to hear or if someone knows if this is retransmited in Spain tooo i'll apreciate and answer Thanks
  9. 305 users reading and 161 guests lol I want it knowwwwwwwwwwwww I'm really nervous and i'm here more time than studying my exams lol
  10. Maybe they'll play blackout and i think it's possible I'd like to hear another time the 1stp Klosr verse that would be awesome and i think that didnt play that since 2006 was really stupid. Maybe P5nh me a*wy but the real thing it's that i believe that this concert will have more songs and maybe a new DVD, because of 10 years of LPU and because they have the new album fresh. I hope a new DVD that would be awesome
  11. Man the gyas saying he he he in Wretches and Kings were Brad and Phoenix because in this album in my opinion they dont have too many things to do so they were the ones "screaming"
  12. On the soundcheck they play an amazing instrumental with only Hahn and Shinoda playing. Really amazing! Everyone thought that they were going to play 4 songs because 30 seconds to mars and Katy Perry play 4 or 5 songs. I thought that they were going to play Crawling because they play the intro in the soundcheck two times. Mike sang one verse of The Catalyst with an extrange voice lol WTCFM was really good too, and everyone was surprised when in the sounscheck they startes playing the intro of Wretches and Kings because they used an extrange thing but it was really amazing with chester playing it and nothing better that finishing with BIO with APFMH verse on it. Papercut was full of energy everyone was really crazy and Faint was incredible I almost jump over one girl lol.On the outro I looked at brad and he was playing with his eyes closed and so calm and i was like Fuck yeah they are incredible and when they played In The End afriend of mine and I without t-shirt jumping. I dont think that there will be too many good videos but I'll upload almost every song with not so many quality and some pics for you because there are some that are really good. I have to say thanks to LP for playing this without paying anything, they are the best band in the world
  13. I'll go I'm really happy I'll be there since 12 o'clock maybe until it closes I'll put info from the show guys and if I can record something I'll do it
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