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  1. Fort Minor 2015= Mike Shinoda + Eminem!
  2. making of meteroa extended? that would be great
  3. maybe these aren't nem LP stuffz? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XmCapXy_bo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiWsWG0v1Lw and click on the media player on this site, it's a new demo from m&g: http://vk.com/wall-8089324_151859?reply=151863
  4. chorus reminds me Ill Nino style. great track, Rob made a level up again.
  5. True, a bit of weak and radio friend words in it. In my opinion: MTM guitars, radio friend simple words, Mike MPC magic, nothing new, but I like it so much, and a true statement: you dont know what you got until its gone!
  6. is there gonna be an intro? i remember something like Mike said that the intro shows a digital-analog thing, how they started with HT and now when they can use analog recording too...
  7. one thing isn't clear to me, that is they recorded the guitars to a tape, and it's quality is bigger than ever. ok, recording to a tape is an analog thing without losses, but when they record it to a computer (even with a very high sampling) they lose everything again with the digital thing. so why is it better to record it to a tape if they lose the lossless at the end?
  8. a "rap superstar" why reads his lyrics from a paper at recording? anyway good episode, i hope they release a min 30min making of album film later...
  9. pictureboard in the radio can't wait for some new Linkin Park material, great news
  10. Tinfoil is much better in live mix, you can hear the piano too not just the beat