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  1. Not just you. I think that baffled everyone. EDIT: https://twitter.com/lplive/status/499392174765928448 - Apparently it should've been Points?
  2. LPA says that the set was the same as the previous Set B, just with Papercut inserted after APFMH.
  3. LP's best video in quite a while, IMO.
  4. People on Youtube and Facebook are predictably asking if LP actually got a new guitarist.
  5. In the link that Mike just tweeted, it says they started with With You. Set C it was.
  6. Seen videos of Tinfoil/Faint and LFY/Papercut mashup. It was Set B.
  7. This guy livetweeted the set apparently: https://twitter.com/DasGoss So it was Set C with APFMH put in before ND due to keyboard difficulties.
  8. Yeah, looks like they cut Crawling again. 5th show in and no appearances.
  9. Set switchup, Numb's been shifted out of the encore. Good, it's a terrible encore song.
  10. Encore is pretty weak, set's just okay. Agreed that there needs to be more LT songs.
  11. Yup, it's basically the Euro headline set, except they dropped Blackout and Runaway for Victimized/QWERTY and LITE.
  12. They're gonna play Numb, it's gonna be the same encore as the Euro headline set
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