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  1. That's right, thank you for the feedback. I could now also compare the official footage with the clip on Youtube. The image from the Youtube clip/teaser does NOT match the official one. So far nothing strikingly out of sync, everything top.🤘😎
  2. Quite simply, you see Brad picking the notes of the verse and playing individual strings. He is not playing a chord. But we are in the chorus right now. Rob should be hitting the snare at this point, but he's not. For me, this means that either two cameras are running asynchronously or something else is going on. If you want, I can send you a PM where you can see it. Of course this is not tragic in the first moment. But if this happens over the whole DVD I find it disturbing, because you think the DVD player or the DVD has an error. 🤔
  3. Have you seen the Veterans Stadium 2003 DVD? I suspect that there are editing errors at the end of Numb, for example. They are only short cuts, but at one point Brad plays the notes of the verse instead of the chords and Rob plays the drums completely out of sync. Last chorus from Numb, can you confirm that @LPLStaff?
  4. Denver 2004 Blood, Anger, Suffering Outro Transition and Long Piano Intro; Guitar Outro Transition are "completely" recorded or black screen/placeholder like Camden 2004? 😮
  5. I hope at least Denver has a little more bass to offer...the Blood, Anger, Suffering outro transition has to fire me out of my chair, but I think the sound just got passed through. 😂
  6. @Astat It can't be written often enough. Once again many thanks to the master of Linkin Park guitar covers and tabs. 😎
  7. Thank you. That explains a lot. I was wondering why I can't find anything on youtube. 😁
  8. What is the exact title of this series? I can't find any visuals that match it... 🤔
  9. Just out of interest, do they also need the rights from the venue to publish a show? I remember the problem with Wantagh 2007 audio. 🤓
  10. A proshot of the Meteora North American tour would have been cool. Ok, we have a lot of footage from the tour, but oh well... Good thing they didn't choose Rock am Ring 2004. At HT20 I found it a bit annoying that they chose Rock am Ring there.🙄 In any case, hot that such a large package appears at all! 😈
  11. Ditto and The Sequel To The DVD With The Worst Name We've Ever Come Up With... so many snippets from different PR02 shows... 🙄 Big dreams about a VoD LP platform. 😂 Common, let's hope for a nice PR04 show with Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition).
  12. Yes! 😀 I bought mine five days ago (not Amazon, a 3rd party store), EU Version. Most components are fixed, execpt the LPU Rarities disc and still the missing strap / pull tab in the box to pull out all the items. So, the replacements are already replaced, when you buy it. No E-Mail support needed. 👍
  13. Similar "issue" happend in 2009 after the show in Stuttgart. SWR said they will broadcast snippets from the show, but every song was clearly from RTR. 😁
  14. Any new info about the Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight (Album Instrumentals) from this guy?
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