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  1. Yea he was talking about us, the old school "I like Linkin Park from day 1 and I prefer the older albums" Linkin Park hipsters
  2. Meh...that's so 2004. /sarcasm
  3. So I'm the only one that prefers the studio version. I'm gonna defend myself, I like the more punky feel it has. As for MTM, I won't make my own tracklist but I would definitely kick out Valentine's Day, In Between, Hands Held High, and maybe Shadow of the day for Across The Line, QWERTY, Asbestos, What we Dont Know and a full song based on Brad's Yo.
  4. Fixed that for you. On another note, I was hoping for more full/complete songs like Across the Line or What We Don't Know or some Living Things demos.
  5. Damn, MTM could have been so much better.
  6. All I can say is... funny names.
  7. I'm sorry, but this is complete crap. Ι don't really care about the effects, what I was really disturbed with, is the MOH and war story going on in the video. An artist that today, chooses to pass a message that, even a little, exculpates the concept of war in people's (and especially young kids who play the game) minds, is a complete sellout. The massacre of innocent people (on both sides) that's going on in the wars the American troops are fighting, is an open secret, as well as with the true cause and whose interests these massacres are supporting. And if an artist with such a big impact as LP on younger people's minds chooses to take a stand on the subject, they should at least speak the truth about it.Not hide it for overplayed stories about a child losing his father on war, which generally have a blurry meaning that, however, IS supportive to war and presents the soldiers as true heroes that protect their country and everyone else as the bad guy. And the most dissapointing thing is I don't think one of the biggest bands in the worlds is forced to choose this game as a sponsor or advertise it. It was their own fucking choice...
  8. As says the guy in the beginning, "No waaay!" Hahaha awesome intro!
  9. I doubt By Myself or Forgotten will ever be played again also...
  10. I hope they drop everything for Living Things songs. U MAD?
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