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  1. Awesome post, good reading. Minor correction, the DBS show was not until 2010 at Docks in Hamburg. It was an epic show though, and Chester was really on fire during the DBS shows that winter.
  2. Doesn't look like no divorce after what Chester just posted on Twitter... https://twitter.com/chesterbe/status/497997807161458688 Hope he's okay.
  3. No, only one EE per member. Tell your friend to join LPU, it will be worth every dollar for front row, trust me.
  4. I remember getting them from merch booths in Europe for Projekt Rev 2011, but they were gone for the 2012 summer festivals.
  5. I think it is unlikely that they will add more shows, but I definitely think they will be back in Europe next summer, for another festival run.
  6. Ive attended a few meet n greets in the past, and they usually let you back into the venue all the way in the back. Dont expect to be at the front row if you get a meet n greet pass. I prefer seats when entering for meet n greet. Best of luck
  7. I can explain to you that I am equally bummed about this.. So annoying that they do that.....
  8. Bring it. I will take on most of the European tour in the fall. Hoping for 7-8 shows at least.
  9. Kinda cheap pre order packages, I guess thats good for a change. Anyone else having trouble getting the through with the preorder from thehuntingparty.linkinpark.com ? EDIT: Nevermind, I see tweets....
  10. Sounds awesome - will you be driving all the way, and do you have any tips/info on good hotels/motels or wherever you are staying?
  11. The date 8.9 is already scheduled, so probably just a template poster.
  12. "That's a short European promo tour. Don't be so pissed off. At least they are coming there, wow. Longer than Asia last year. They'll do a full European run for this album" Well, just wanna add to this - that with the weak european run for Living Things, I surely think (and hope) that they will schedule a full headline european tour for the new album, possibly during the winter 2014/2015.