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  1. I suppose the opening riff in "Asbestos" sounds similar to the riff prominent in "Given Up," though it seems coincidental to me. However there are definitely correlations between "So Far Away" and "Soundtrack." If you start listening at 00:57 in "Soundtrack," notice the synth/keyboard that plays, as well as the drum patterns. Then start playing "So Far Away" and you immediately notice the drum patterns are very similar to "Soundtrack's." Fast forward to 1:22 in "So Far Away" and not only do you hear the same synth/keyboard from "Soundtrack," but you can definitely hear parts of "Coal" as well. Very interesting to listen to.
  2. Well seeing as how that radio station (Hot 99.5) said the album was almost finished and coming out in 2012 when the album actually IS almost finished and coming out in 2012, logically I see this as Adam's way of saying that WAAF is correct!
  3. Same here. They're actually playing near me for once but I do NOT have the funds to buy tickets if they go on sale, like, next week.
  4. Oh WOW, I hope he's not kidding or being sarcastic. This is great LP news! It's also funny because I was just on his Twitter earlier today wondering when he would tweet again...haha. As for me, I think the album'll be out sometime in the summer. I think spring may be a little too optimistic...
  5. Wow, this thread started out well but it's plain to see that all the haters came out of the woodwork again. Is it so hard for all of you to accept that none of you are part of Linkin Park? It's really that simple. If you're in the band, you have a say in what music you want to make. If you're not, then you don't have a say at all. Just try to enjoy the music they do make and stop fighting about it already.
  6. I have to say I strongly agree with you and many others in this thread. I try not to have any expectations of LP's music, I just sit back, wait a few years, and when their new album comes out I'm sure it'll blow my brains out with its epic-ness. I expect nothing less from this band now. Labels don't suit them.
  7. I found the whole interview to be pretty interesting. And yeah, the end of the article says a "summer 2012" release, so that's another source sort of confirming that date. Gettin' pumped!
  8. ...Do you have any kind of sound reasoning for this or is it just a personal thing? :/
  9. LOL. Why would he need knowledge of the band if he couldn't give less a care about them? You're probably in the minority of LPL members that just happens to actually enjoy Limp Bizkit's music, and that's fine, but there's not much use defending them here. Everyone has differing opinions and we just happen to think their music sucks, which is precisely why they're irrelevant nowadays, especially on a Linkin Park fan forum. Just saying.
  10. You've hit the nail on the head. It's definitely a decent remix but it doesn't capture the dreaminess that the original song intended to evoke. But at least it's new, original.
  11. I just wish they had something worth purchasing the membership for at all. I loved the LPUX CD but other than that they didn't have anything relevant to my interests, so I never became a member. Meh.
  12. And for people who reserved a Timeshift, the video just closed at 5:18 so you will be able to watch it again at 5:48.
  13. Guess I was wrong about fifteen minutes. Wonder when they'll have it up.
  14. Yeah it's been over for a while now. It should replay in 15 minutes.
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