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  1. The improvement on Crawling is unbelievable. Will definitely be interested in watching the whole thing again now.
  2. I was a winner of this contest when it was going on! It's a great conversation piece and looks awesome on display. Good luck everyone!
  3. It's pretty awesome having Uncasville, Providence, and Manchester all within two hours of me. Due to the price (and my disdain for Uncasville since the Honda Civic Tour), I got GA for Providence and gonna get seats tomorrow for Manchester. I've seen Rise Against and Of Mice & Men before and they were strong acts and this tour is going to be great.
  4. Show was great! Most people I've ever seen at Mansfield. 30STM was solid too. Confetti and balloons everywhere. Stage effects were awesome. Didn't love the encore, but the main set was stellar.
  5. I'll be in the pit! During the Honda Civic Tour I saw them at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT and here in Mansfield. The crowd killed it here last time and I'm looking forward to another great show!
  6. Really cool show. I listen to a bunch of those bands and even though some of their fanbase has a poor attitude, not all of us do. I enjoy heavy music as well as what Linkin Park does and everyone seemed to have a great time.
  7. I like it. It's catchy and I love how Chester's voice sounds. It has a nice MTM/ATS feel to it as well.
  8. The bridge... Really enjoyed this one and hope to hear it live all summer.
  9. Sweet looking lithograph. I do miss the days of the deluxe box vs. a skate deck, but for now I guess I'll decide whether the price is worth it for the package.
  10. Really wanna hear Easier to Run. One of my favorites. Also voted Don't Stay and Figure .09 and TLTGYA.
  11. Worse set than Uncasville, but way more fun. The mic was right on me during In The End and I got a guitar pick and a M&G. More than made up for bland setlist.
  12. Totally agree with the crowd analysis. I didn't like the venue at all. They wouldn't let me bring my vinyl in so the manager said to go to the bathroom and hide it in my waistband before entering. The people on the floor with me looked bored and didn't know anything MTM onwards. I've got pit in Mansfield and I sure hope my home state can one up CT.
  13. I entered a LPST contest and somehow won for CT and used my guaranteed for Tuesday.
  14. I stayed off the Internet for 3 days to be surprised by the set, and it was totally worth it. The M&G was rushed and security were assholes but a great day. Another show and M&G Tuesday for this guy! Hoping for a new set!
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