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New York Live Videos On MySpace


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The first live videos from the New York show are now available on MySpace. Parts of it were filmed by the MySpace contest winners. There are more videos to come!


Waiting For The End - Download (megaupload)

New Divide - Download (megaupload)

Numb - Download (megaupload)

The Catalyst - Download (megaupload)





Thanks to michalangelo and radq for the download links!

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As far as i know this was filmed by a fan...

Only a few parts you see are actually the fan footage. When the picture quality turns bad = fan footage.


Maybe the bad mixing is the problem, you can't hear the crowd anywhere during the song.

I think the mix is great. I rather have no fangirl screaming all the time whenever Mike or Chester start to sing.
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Okay, got it now :)


Cool video, Chester sounds almost as good as on the record. And it's so cool to see Mike rapping his part while playing the guitar and Brad switching instruments (keyboard and guitar).

He actually for some reason is sounding more crisp on this video then I heard at the show, love the video, but feels like some trickery is playing a part.

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The crowd sounded like they were Waiting for this Song to End. Its boring live. Like much of the record it's way too overproduced and difficult to replicate into a live performance. Chester sounds a million times better on the the studio version's chorus. Mike and Chester rapping together is a bad idea. The bridge was awful too

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