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  1. I couldn't move for a while after watching it
  2. I can't get the muffled "I do" scream from OML out of my head since I woke up and have been feeling this strange guilt over the last few hours, playing out strange scenarios in my head. I'm still in disbelief, and hope that it's just a bad dream.
  3. Love how the guitars punch you in the face in the beginning. Everything works well together. I never thought this combination (LP and SOAD) would work, but somehow it does.
  4. In no order: What I've done - Always found the song a little monotonous Skin to Bone - Not a fan of the lyrics Roads Untraveled - Still can't get over that chime-like sound. And Mike sounds kinda weird Leave out all the Rest Crawling
  5. Well, it's uhhh... Think I'll have to listen to it a few more times.
  6. Missed it :angry: :( FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Edit: Oh wait, it's on youtube! Thanks linkin_boss
  7. I've always loved LP. And they kinda introduced me to NIN. The Fragile blew me away. NIN is now my favorite band. Trent is a genius. LP is a very close second.
  8. The song grows on you. It's really nice.
  9. I've been inactive for a while... but this is too good to ignore! Would love to hear more!
  10. Seriously one of their best videos in a long time.
  11. I don't know if this has been asked before. Here it is anyways: Why does the Living Things booklet say that LP uses Ibanez? I thought they use only PRS and Fenders now.
  12. Listening again. Was too excited yesterday to listen to it properly. I loved it though. My impressions yesterday were: Chester's parts sound a lot like they're from a DBS song. And Mike's raps sound like they're from a FM song. And I like that. It sounds like Linkin Park, but is very different. That's what the band has been trying to achieve. I'm impressed. Great album.
  13. They sound good. The LPA links are not working for me... I found a link on YouTube. Edit: Never mind. The rghost ones are working. Thanks!
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