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  1. um yeah this is totally reliable....from the same guys that 'leaked' that blink was playing Big Day Out in 2011.....and 2012.....yeah cause they got them right and all.
  2. TnkA

    "Set B13"

    am i the only one that doesn't like these sets? Its really nothing new, some old songs in different spots And they're not even playing their new single (not that I like it anyway) I would of hoped that one set had something different (POA)
  3. Blackout, Iridesent, W&K, WTCFM, The Messenger? So most of the album would of been better
  4. Best tour so far as visuals go Set list could change up a little Happy i went to both Melbourne shows and got to see the debuet of Blackout Only thing i didn't like was the fact that everyone i've talked to who signed up for the M&G in Melbourne that put that they have attented a M&G before didn't get one...like fuck come on, no points for honesty i guess. But then going to Muse and getting 2 picks and a setlist made up for it i guess (and yes i think Muse is better live than LP sorry guys)
  5. Mike said someone at the m&g asked him 2 do something ova BIO but he said he couldnt work out how so instead he said he'd do this instead an rapped reading my eyes!
  6. im going! and i want 2 play Faint so bad but...no meet and greet :'( was even going 2 get Mike 2 ink me!
  7. Just to change topic from Pez, the V stage was the shape of the stage shown on the seating plan for Rod Laver...Melbourne might get it?
  8. TnkA

    LPU Summit In Sydney!

    Wouldn't it be better having it in Melbourne, i mean at least thats two dates back to back... And whats with having to have a ticket to the show? Come on thats a bit unfare for everyone else who already has tickets in their state, i'm going to be vollentering at the show on the 12th and i have a ticket for the 13th. I really think it should be open to all Australians atleast!
  9. Yeah mine changed again... 1. Faint 2. Waiting For The End 3. Iridescent
  10. They are playing a fest in Australia next year And they should of supported for Australia! Much better band than dead letter circus
  11. TnkA

    LPUX Teaser Video

    That be the closest i've seen to what LP seems to be offering now LOL at the little kid in this one being used as a bass stand
  12. TnkA

    LPUX Teaser Video

    So the meet and greets are going to be more like that summit?
  13. No but LPL is better than Disney World
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